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Didi and Meimei Talk about… Their Favourite Pigeon Products

Pigeon products have been a staple in our household ever since N was born, and even more so now with the twins. It’s a brand that every parent should be familiar with, so rather than me writing about my favourite Pigeon products, the babies will do it instead, since they’re the ones enjoying the Pigeon products. I mean, they’re almost two months old already, shouldn’t they be working by now? Wet wipes and milk bottles don’t grow on trees!

With twins, I figured I would need more milk bottles, just in case my milk supply isn’t enough for two babies. Good thing I got more bottles, because both babies had to drink out of bottles when Meimei was hospitalised. During that period, I, erm, I mean the babies, also discovered which of the many Pigeon products they like best.


Meimei: Mmmm… my mittens taste so good! Didi: What’s that over there?


Meimei: Hey, I think mummy’s trying to take a photo of us! Didi: Mummy? Who’s that? Is that the person with the milk?


Meimei: Yes, that one! Didi: Where? Where?


Meimei: Why does she want a photo of us with our wet tissues and pacifiers anyway? Didi: I’m hungry. Maybe she’ll get the hint and bring our milk bottles instead, if we look away and click our tongues. She usually gives us milk if we click our tongues at her. Meimei: Good idea!


*After milk*

Meimei: Ah, nothing like a good few minutes of pacifier time after having milk. Mummy didn’t want to let me use a pacifier initially, but the doctor told her that it would help me to swallow my saliva more, and therefore allow me to breathe better. And it’s true! I feel better, and after a few minutes, I don’t need my Pigeon pacifier anymore, so I just push it out with my tongue. Someone usually picks it up and takes it away for me after that. Heehee.

These Pigeon hand and mouth wipes are pretty new to me, because it’s not like I’m allowed to use my hands to pick up food. I don’t even get to EAT food! It’s milk all the time for me, but it’s okay, because I like milk. Mummy started using these wipes recently, after I got home from the hospital. Did I tell you about my hospital stay? Mummy wrote about it HERE. Anyway, she uses these wipes to clean her nipples before nursing us now, because she says it’s cleaner, and there’s less chance of us passing germs to each other like that. The hand and mouth wipes are alcohol and fragrance free, and made of 100% food grade ingredients, making them safe for little babies and even bigger children like KorKor N.

When I was in the hospital, the antibiotics made me poop a lot, and my bum was really painful and sore. They cleaned me up with regular wet wipes, but those were too rough on my delicate skin, and it hurt so much that I kept crying loudly. These Pigeon moisturising cloths are sooo much gentler, and I actually prefer them to the wet cotton balls which the nurses told mummy to use. It’s strongly recommended for newborns and babies up to 6 months old, as it contains natural lanolin oil, giving it extra moisture and forming a protective barrier. Even though my skin has healed already, mummy still uses these moisturising cloths on us, because she says our skin is very fragile, and we deserve the best.


Didi: I like my Pigeon milk bottle best, especially the Rising Star Special Edition one, because there’s a green one for Meimei, and a yellow one for me. See how tiny I used to be when I started using the bottle?


Mummy was just telling auntie that she doesn’t think she will ever use the Pigeon breastmilk storage bags and cooler bag, then she suddenly got to use both items when she had to stay in the hospital to keep Meimei company. I think they’re both really cool (haha I made a pun!) products, because I still got to drink mummy’s milk even though she wasn’t at home with me! The storage bags didn’t leak, and the ice packs in the cooler bag kept the milk cold, so that it wouldn’t go bad. I wanted to try drinking cold milk, but auntie didn’t let me, and always heated up the milk in my bottle before giving it to me.


Meimei: Hello, mummy? Is it time for our nap yet? We’re very sleepy already. Can KorKor help us to finish this? I’m sure he will help us, because he loves us very much, and he uses Pigeon products too. Didi: Don’t make eye contact! She’ll let us sleep if we don’t make eye contact with her!


*KorKor N to the rescue*

N: Hi! My Didi and Meimei are napping, so I’m going to help them finish this, before I go for my nap too. I use a lot of Pigeon products, but these three are my favourites at the moment.

First of all, I’ve been using the Pigeon SAKURA Baby Wash 2in1 for a while now, even though I’m not a baby anymore. My skin is a little sensitive, so Mummy says it’s better if I use this instead of what adults use. I don’t mind, because I like the smell of it, and I can use it to bathe AND wash my hair. So convenient! I can make a lot of bubbles with it, and sometimes, Mummy lets me add some of the baby wash to my bucket of water, so that I can give my toys a bubble bath. We all smell really good after that!

After bathing, I like to apply the Pigeon Newborn Pure moisturising lotion all over my body. Mummy says it is made with something called Natulayer™, a layer of ingredients that mimics the natural coat of protection found on baby’s skin in the womb, and provides the most natural yet protective barrier for a baby’s skin. I don’t know what all that means, but I do know that the lotion isn’t sticky, and is very easy to apply. It smells sweet, and reminds me of Didi and Meimei, because they’re using the purifying body wash and calming oil from the same Pigeon Newborn Pure range. Mummy likes the moisturising lotion a lot, and I’ve seen her using it too. Looks like it’s not just for newborns, since Mummy and I can use it as well!

I like using wet wipes to clean my face and hands after I eat, but Mummy says I have to use the Pigeon anti-bacterial wet tissues before I eat, and after I touch things when we are out. She keeps calling me “Patient Zero”, because I spread my germs to Didi and Meimei, but I told her that I’m “Patient One Hundred” because bigger numbers are better, right?


Okay, it’s time for my nap! Hope you enjoyed reading about our favourite Pigeon products. Which ones do you like best?

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