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Review: Pattern Thinkers Box 1 (Permutations)

N is generally able to grasp basic Mathematical concepts, but when it comes to the higher order questions, he sometimes takes a while to figure things out. Both of us will get frustrated when he cannot “see” the solution, and sometimes, we will agree to skip that question and come back to it again another day.

When he first saw the Pattern Thinkers box, he was reluctant to try it out, as the first video was quite long. I promised that he could split the lesson up into a few sessions if he wanted, but to my surprise, he enjoyed it so much that he happily finished the entire lesson in one sitting. 

There are four lessons in each box, and N was enthusiastic about beginning each of the four lessons in our first box. In fact, he asked me when the next box was coming, as he found the lessons very fun. I’m so glad that I don’t have to bug him to work on these Math lessons, and I suspect he doesn’t even realise that he’s doing Math!

Personally, I feel that this Permutations box is interesting, as it uses manipulatives to provide the child with a hands-on learning experience. This is something that they hardly, if ever, get in school, because the teachers don’t really have the time to teach with manipulatives.

There’s a self-evaluation at the end of each session, and I think it’s great that N really enjoys them. I think the only lesson that he found challenging was the fourth one, but it’s okay, we can keep practising, so that he becomes more familiar with the concept.

Pattern Thinkers helps students to think creatively, and to look at problems from different angles. Don’t worry if Math isn’t your strongest subject, because the Neuromath team will provide feedback via WhatsApp, after you submit a video of your child working on the assignments. They will even arrange for personal Zoom sessions to provide extra guidance if necessary! 

From the feedback and sharing session, I’ve learnt that it’s beneficial for kids to repeat the exercises, as it helps to train their speed and accuracy, allowing them to be familiar with the concepts. Thus, I will be getting N to work on the previous activities again, whenever he has some free time. I think the twins will also benefit from these lessons, and will let them try it out, since they have been very curious about what KorKor is doing. The lessons are pre-recorded, so we can watch and re-watch them, whenever we want.

PS. If you’re keen to learn more about this Math programme, do sign up for the upcoming webinar, on 30 July 2022, Saturday, 2-330pm. Please use THIS LINK to register, so that you can attend the webinar for free, instead of having to pay the usual $19. 

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