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Review: Pattern Thinkers Box 2 (Consecutive Numbers)

Updated: Apr 16

It’s been slightly more than a month since we received the second Pattern Thinkers box, and N actually completed the four lessons quite quickly. In fact, he had so much fun with the second lesson that he asked to do the third lesson immediately after he finished the second one! I was really surprised, because which child asks to do extra learning, when he can play instead? Not my kids for sure!

When N first saw the Pattern Thinkers Box 2, he found the “Math Secrets” concept exciting, and even directed the entire unboxing reel for our IG post. (Watch it HERE if you haven’t already done so.)

For his first lesson from Box 2, N was actually sick, but he asked if he could work on the lesson in bed. I wasn’t sure if he would be able to grasp the concept, since it was something new, but the good thing about the lessons is that they are pre-recorded, which means that we can replay certain sections if necessary. Ah, the beauty of learning at your own pace!

For those of you who are like me, ie not very good at Math, don’t worry! You don’t actually have to be the one guiding or teaching your child. You’ll have to take a video of your child working on one of the assignments, and then send it to the Pattern Thinkers team via WhatsApp for review.

The personalised feedback from the Pattern Thinkers team is very encouraging, and I like how they noticed the little things that N did in the video submitted, as these are things that I may not have picked up on my own either.

In the last lesson of Box 2, there was origami involved, and we actually had a really tough time with the origami activity in Box 1. Both of us were a little apprehensive, but we ended up having quite a bit of fun with this lesson! What mattered most to me was his willingness to TRY, as I think this is a way that his resilience can be built.

The best part of Pattern Thinkers, to me, is how it makes mathematical concepts come to life, through the use of real-life situations and hands-on tools. Ideally, N would do one lesson a week, in order to ensure continuity in his learning, but like I said, that’s what would happen in an ideal world situation. However, the fact that he is eager to work on each lesson is very encouraging to me, and I think he gets a lot of satisfaction from being able to understand the questions, and to be able to solve them easily, using the techniques taught in the Pattern Thinkers videos.

I’m excited to see what Box 3 will entail, and hope that N’s enthusiasm for learning will continue to grow, with the help of Pattern Thinkers!

PS. If you’re keen to learn more about this Math programme, do sign up for the upcoming webinar, on 24 September 2022, Saturday, 2-330pm. Please use THIS LINK to register, so that you can attend the webinar for free, instead of having to pay the usual $19.

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