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Review: De Hygienique Cleaning Services (Plus Discount Code!)

We’ve been in our new home for more than half a year now, and I noticed that the rug in our library was looking really grubby. Our helper vacuums it regularly, but since we sit on the rug a lot every day, I guess it was inevitable that stains would appear, and the lovely shade of pink would turn to a darker, dustier shade of pink.

In addition, despite our numerous reminders to be careful when they’re on the sofa, the kids climbed, jumped, and rolled around on the sofa whenever they could. I found stains on the sofa that none of the kids owned up to creating, and couldn’t manage to clean the stains off with our usual cleaning products.

It was really perfect timing when I came across De Hygienique‘s cleaning services, and they were very efficient in arranging for our cleaning appointment. I decided to try out their mattress cleaning service as well, even though our helper vacuums all our mattresses with a special vacuum cleaner, since our mattress is quite old and has never been professionally cleaned before.

The staff arrived promptly on the day of the cleaning, and started by demonstrating how the deep cleaning of our mattress would be done. He explained that they use a dry process method to clean mattresses, getting rid of dead skin, dust mites, existing loose strands of fabric, and normal dust.

As he talked, he vacuumed a small area of our mattress, and when he removed the cloth, I was HORRIFIED to see how much dirt there was! A king-sized mattress usually takes half an hour to be cleaned thoroughly, and all the dirt goes directly into a sealed disposal bag, so that the dust etc won’t fly around when the vacuuming has been completed.

I actually asked about the difference between their dry process method and the water-based cleaning method, and he explained that the water-based method takes time to dry, and can cause mould to grow if it isn’t dried properly.

He did spray a citric lemon sanitiser on our bed and pillows after the vacuuming was completed, but that only requires ten minutes to dry completely. I actually really liked the scent, though the kids found the smell a bit too strong for them.

While our mattress was being cleaned and sanitised, another cleaning technician worked on our rug downstairs. They usually prefer to clean rugs in their workshops, so that they have more space and time to air the rugs after cleaning, especially if the rugs are heavily soiled or have bad smells, but since we had space in our living room, he cleaned our rug there instead.

I liked that he spread out a HUGE plastic mat on our floor, before putting our rug on it. He also told me that they usually use a different vacuum for rugs, but since our rug is really soft, he thought a soft vacuum would be more suitable.

I was impressed by how thoroughly he cleaned our rug, going over every single part of it carefully, and making sure that there were no stains left. He was meticulous, yet efficient, and the kids actually sat there to watch him clean, as they were very fascinated by his quick hands.

He also sprayed the citric lemon sanitiser on the rug after he finished cleaning it, and put the rug back in our library carefully after it was completely dry.

Both of the cleaning technicians worked on our leather sofa together, as they had to vacuum, wipe, and polish it. Again, they were very thorough in ensuring that every single part of the sofa was cleaned properly, and took the trouble to check that the stains were removed.

If you look at the next photo, you’ll actually be able to see the difference between the seat on the left, which wasn’t polished yet, and the other two seats, which had already been polished. I was surprised that our sofa actually looked quite old, even though it’s less than a year old, before the polishing was done! I think the contrast is quite obvious, and it was really a good idea to get the sofa cleaned as well.

They also clean fabric sofas, so if you’re keen to give your fabric sofa a proper, deep-cleaning, you can read more about their service below.

It’s been about two weeks since we got our mattress, rug, and sofa cleaned, and I’m pleased that the rug and sofa still look pretty good! I can’t tell if the bed is clean, since the dirt is supposedly deep inside, but now that I’ve seen how gross it can be, I’m planning to get the kids’ mattresses cleaned as well.

Both the cleaning technicians were very friendly and professional, patiently answering my numerous questions about the cleaning process. The kids went around “supervising” the cleaning, and the “nice uncles” very kindly answered their questions too.

Thank you, De Hygienique, for your excellent service!

PS. For those of you who have been asking about De Hygienique’s cleaning services and prices, here you go!

For mattress cleaning and sanitising services, prices start from $55 for a single-sized mattress. For sofa cleaning services, prices start from $180 for a 2-seater sofa. For rug cleaning services, prices start from $3.50 per square foot.

*SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE FOR READERS OF GROWING WITH THE TANS* Get a 10% discount by quoting “GrowingWithTheTans” when you book your cleaning service with De Hygienique’s Customer Service! This promotion is valid till 31 August 2021, and cannot be combined with other ongoing promotions. De Hygienique Singapore Tel: +65 87201164 / +65 67491950 Website:

*Disclaimer: We received a complimentary cleaning service from De Hygienique for the purpose of this review. All photos and opinions are, as always, our own.

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