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Review and Giveaway: Child Label

Thanks to Daphne of Mother, Inc, mother of Child Label and three gorgeous children, we recently received the Give Me Everything Value Pack of stickers. I spent a really long time just admiring them, and didn’t even dare to take them out in front of Noah, because I didn’t want him to tear them out on his own. Sounds like the stickers were more for me than for him, right? Oops. Anyway, while he was taking a nap one afternoon, I finally decided to use some of them to label his belongings, and was very pleased with the results. 

Child Label 



Part of our Give Me Everything Value Pack


Close-up of the round labels




As a teacher, I used to label all my stationery, and I really do mean ALL, because my students would often “borrow” a pen/pencil/stapler/ruler from me, and conveniently forget to return the item. I really hate losing my belongings, so you can imagine how that really bothered me. Initially, I used a permanent marker to write my name on the items, but erm, it wasn’t very permanent and faded quite quickly. I then wrote my name on tiny strips of paper, then pasted them onto my stationery with clear tape, but those didn’t stay on for long either. Finally, I ordered some of those tiny shiny name stickers from an online shop, and made do with those. I noticed that the ones pasted on my water-bottle would ‘melt’ and become slightly deformed whenever I filled my bottle with hot water, but I would just replace them as and when it happened.

The first thing that I labeled was Noah’s water-bottle. I then ran boiling hot water over it, before filling up the bottle with hot water, just to see if the sticker would hold well. And it did!

Water-bottle: labeled! 


I’m extremely indecisive, and shortly after I took the above photo, I decided to peel off the label, and shift it to a different spot on the bottle. The sticker came off without removing any of the paint from the bottle (some of the paint came off the bottom of the bottle after being dropped one time too many by Noah) and I was able to reposition it with ease.

I think this new label spot looks better, don’t you? 


I decided to label Noah’s snack container next, which is actually a milk storage cup. I chose a round label next, just to mix things up a little.

Snack container: labeled!


I was very pleased with how cute the labels were, and started looking around for more items that I could needed to label.

Bible: labeled!


Flash cards pouch: labeled! (And in Chinese too. Not bad, right?) 


Shoes: labeled! (With different vehicles for each side, to help me him differentiate them.)


My final labeling project was to use the iron ons. I normally don’t do the ironing, because I’m terrible at it, and back in Singapore, we had a part-time helper who would do all our ironing for us. Here, C is the part-time helper who irons, and considering how he doesn’t have to do anything else (except go to work and bring home the moolah, of course) I think it’s a pretty decent arrangement. His clothes are the ones that need to be ironed anyway. I can go out in crumpled clothes and no one will bat an eyelid (or so I’d like to think( because hey, who looks at the crazy bag lady when there’s a cute baby to play with? Anyway, because I wanted to do a full review of the Child Label stickers for all of you (you’re welcome), I touched the iron for the first time since we got here. Thankfully, there was a very comprehensive instruction sheet that came along with the pack.

Instructions for the ironing newbies 


I had the brilliant idea to use one of the iron ons to decorate Noah’s romper, because it’s too cute to be hidden.

Steps 1, 2, and 3 done


Step 4 


Step 5 


Step 6!


Step 4 took longer than expected, most likely because I am so bad at ironing, and I kept peeling off the edge of the translucent paper to check if the sticker had adhered completely to the romper. This also explains why part of the iron on is creased on the romper. Oops. But it looks really good on the romper, doesn’t it? Noah loved it when he first saw it, and kept pointing at the plane.

For those of you who are wondering how the iron on stood up to the washing machine and dryer tests, rest assured that I did those tests on your behalf too. I did turn the romper inside out before tossing it into the machines, just to be safe, and the iron on looks none the worse for wear.

I also ran the ‘toddler test’ on the labels, by simply handing the bottle and container to Noah after his nap. He was very excited to see his favourite vehicles on them, and immediately started touching them. He didn’t try very hard to peel them off, and was more interested in pointing at them and smiling at me, so I think they’re safe from itchy little fingers.

Busy checking out the labels 



Noah was also thrilled to see the stickers in his shoes, and actually got upset after I put the shoes on for him, because he wanted to look at them.

Trying to dig the sticker out of his shoe


Noah loves vehicles of all sorts, so selecting the Vrooom design was a no-brainer for me. I spent some time trying to decide on my favourite font, and I’m glad I went with ‘Chowderhead’ in the end. I also appreciated the fact that it came with his Chinese name too, which I hope will teach him to recognise his Chinese name in the future. My only grouse is that the stickers are a tad too big for me to label smaller stationery items, such as individual pencils, but then again, with such cute stickers, I think I’ll hoard them for bigger and more important belongings.

Child Label model wannabe 



Want to get your hands on a set of Child Label stickers? Head on over to the Child Label website or Facebook page to take a look at the designs and packages available. You can even have both the English and Chinese names printed together on each label!

Disclaimer: We were gifted the Give Me Everything Value Pack for the purpose of this review. All photos and opinions are my own. 



Child Label is sponsoring a standard pack of labels (you can choose the circles, rectangles, book/birthday stickers, or even the iron ons!) for one lucky reader of Growing with the Tans. Just follow the instructions in the widget below. Good luck! 

This international giveaway ends on 7 March 2014, 2359h.


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