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Product Review – Mother’s Corn

Before we started Noah on solids, I started doing some research on the types of food to feed him, as well as the different utensils we will need. I was intrigued when I came across the Mother’s Corn range of feeding utensils. I try to go green by setting aside recyclable materials that are collected twice a month by a recycling agency, and I also use magazines and pamphlets as wrapping paper for gifts. Mother’s Corn products are totally biodegradable, which means that they don’t cause any harm to the environment, so I thought they would be perfect for our first foray into solids with Noah.

We got both the weaning spoon and weaning bowl for starters. Initially, I thought that the products might not be very sturdy, as they are biodegradable. I was pleasantly surprised to note that both items are very solid and supposedly resistant to breakage.

The Weaning Spoon

Weaning Spoon

I like that the spoon is light and slightly curved, making it very easy to handle. My friends also told me to get a spoon with a long handle and the Mother’s Corn weaning spoon is 15cm long, which is just nice. The long handle allows me to feed Noah properly, without getting my fingers covered in cereal or puree.

Side Profile & Close-up

Side Profile & Close-up

The spoon has a special curved base designed to minimize spills. It is slightly deeper than other weaning spoons, and initially, Noah didn’t manage to finish the food in each spoonful, but after a while, he got the hang of it and would lean forward to slurp up the food if I remove the spoon too quickly. The size of the spoon is also just nice for his little mouth.

The Weaning Bowl

Weaning Bowl

The Mother’s Corn weaning bowl is rather unique as it has a no-spills design. The inner rim of the bowl is slightly curved, which allows me to scoop the food up with a spoon easily. Any excess food is gently tilted back into the spoon when I bring it up to the rim. With a capacity of 240ml, it is definitely big enough for a baby starting on solids.

The bowl also has a rubber base, which is supposed to make it stable, but personally, I would prefer to have something even more stable, such as a suction pad. Noah lunges for anything I place on his high chair tray, so to place the bowl would just be asking for trouble. I ended up putting the bowl on our own dining table, which is out of his reach.

The Rubber Base

Rubber Base

One concern I had was that certain types of food, such as carrots, might stain the bowl. I tested it out by using my microwave oven to defrost a cube of carrot puree in it. To my delight, even though Noah took some time to finish the carrot puree, the bowl did not absorb any of the orange colour from it at all. The stains you see in the picture below could all be washed away, much to my great relief.

The Carrot Puree Test

Carrot Puree Test

The Mother’s Corn products seem very well thought out, as even though they use non-toxic ink to print their designs on the items, they ensure that the areas where the baby’s mouth, or even the food, will come into contact with, do not have any designs printed on them.

It is also advised that the Mother’s Corn products do not come into contact with hot water, so if I’m filling up the bowl with water, I also ensure that I pour cold water into it first, before adding the hot water.

Here’s some additional information about Mother’s Corn products:

Made from Poly Lactic Acid (PLA), which is extracted from corn starch, Mother’s Corn products are stronger than conventional plastics and pose no harm to the environment as they are totally biodegradable. It is the best replacement to conventional plastics.

Why choose Mother’s Corn products?

They are SAFE.

1. BPA Free Mother’s corn products are made of corn, and are free from not only environmental hormones, but also other hazardous ingredients like carcinogenic substance and heavy metals. They can be used to serve hot food and babies can bite, suck, or gum down on them safely.

2. Use of Non-Toxic Ink Non-toxic ink, certified by an accredited agency, is used in character design printed on Mother’s Corn products. In order to ensure that babies be fed meals safely, designs are not printed where their mouths or meals are supposed to come into contact with them.


1. Durable

Mother’s Corn products, though made of corn, have the same durability as plastic products made of petrochemicals. They are not easily broken, even when dropped.

2. Microwave Safe Mother’s Corn’s in-house researchers have come up with excellent heat resistant Mother’s Corn baby products after thorough testing. It is one of the first corn-made containers ever created in the world to survive heat exposure in microwave ovens.

Noah enjoying his meal

First Meal


The Mother’s Corn Weaning Spoon is $8.90 and the Weaning bowl is $14.91. They can be purchased from the Jam and Muffin website directly. You can also view all the various Mother’s Corn products on the Jam n’ Muffin Facebook page.


Get free local postage from Jam n’ Muffin.

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Disclosure: I received the Mother’s Corn weaning spoon and weaning bowl for this review. All opinions are my own.

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