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Product Review – Mii Organics

Noah has rather sensitive skin and I’ve been trying for some time to find a skincare product range that will suit him. The poor boy had been sporting a really red neck, which his paediatrician attributed to our hot and humid weather. She gave us two different types of cream to try but they couldn’t get rid of the redness. I also tried calendula cream, which came highly recommended on various forums, but it didn’t help much either.

The Mii Organics Pure Baby range appealed to me because its main ingredient is Baobab oil. After doing some quick research on it, I was impressed by what I found:

Baobab oil is extracted from the seeds of the fruit that bloom on baobab trees. These extremely old trees (some species live up to a thousand years or more) are native to Africa and feature thick trunks and thin branches. Often called “upside down trees” because of their spindly branches that resemble roots, the flowers of baobab trees bloom once a year and interestingly open at night. Once pollinated by hungry bats, bees and wasps, the flowers produce fruit, or pods, which house the seeds used to create the prized baobab oil.

Most organic beauty products use unrefined baobab oil, which is extracted by cold-pressing the seeds, leaving the oil completely raw with no additives. As a fixed oil, it’s safe to use directly on the skin and won’t evaporate like essential oils.

I also learnt that Baobab oil is highly moisturizing and soothing, and contains vitamins A, D, E and F, as well as Omega 3, 6 and 9. It not only moisturizes the skin, but also helps to improve skin elasticity while encouraging regeneration of skin cells without clogging the pores. Baobab oil is easily and quickly absorbed into the skin, ensuring no oiliness or greasiness, making it ideal for treating dry skin, cradle cap and eczema.

To create the various Mii Organics Pure Baby products, the Baobab oil is carefully hand blended with other organic ingredients of the highest quality. This is done in small batches, ensuring that the quality of the products is not compromised.

I’ve been using the Pure Baby Sensitive Wash, Pure Baby Hydrating Oil and Pure Baby Protective Balm for almost a month now, and so far, I’m quite pleased with the results. Although I’m discussing each product individually, please note that I used all three of them together, and therefore, the improvement I’ve noted is most likely the result of that combination.

Pure Baby Sensitive Wash Prominent ingredients: Baobab oil and Aloe Vera

As I mentioned earlier, Noah’s skin is rather sensitive and he had a pretty bad rash on his neck, armpits and back. My first impression of the Pure Baby Sensitive Wash was that it left Noah’s skin squeaky clean after his bath.

Initially, I was worried that it would cause his skin to be even drier but my fears were unfounded when I saw that the rash on his back in particular had cleared up quite a bit. In fact, when I accidentally used a different body wash on his back one morning, I found more red blotches on it in the evening and hurriedly cleansed his back more thoroughly with the Pure Baby Sensitive Wash.

My only grouse with this product is its packaging. I would have preferred to have a pump dispenser as I still use one hand to hold Noah in the bathtub. I end up having to squeeze the soap onto Noah’s shoulder, before spreading it all over his body. However, this is quite a minor issue that will be resolved once Noah is older and able to sit properly in the tub on his own.

Pure Baby Hydrating Oil Prominent ingredients: Baobab oil and Calendula

I apply the Pure Baby Hydrating Oil on Noah’s head as he had cradle cap. After about a week, I thought that since the cradle cap had cleared up, I could stop using it on his head. However, I found that his scalp was too dry without any oil on it, and that on very warm days, bits of skin would start flaking off.

I also use the oil quite liberally on his neck, armpits and back. I find that the oil is absorbed quite quickly and his body doesn’t feel as greasy as it did when I used a different type of baby oil previously. The rash on his neck hasn’t cleared completely, mainly because he is so chubby that his neck can’t even be seen, much less aired. The rash on his armpits cleared up relatively soon after I began using the oil on the area. In addition, Noah wears sleeveless rompers during the day and his sweat isn’t trapped there anymore. His back rash makes occasional appearances on very warm days and when he lies on his back a lot, but his skin is better after I started using the oil and balm on him.

Pure Baby Protective Balm Prominent ingredients: Baobab oil, Calendula, Chamomile, Castor oil, and Beeswax

The Pure Baby Protective Balm is actually a very versatile balm and can be used on insect bites, rashes and mild burns. Initially, I used this topically on little bits of rash that appeared sporadically on his face and back. The balm is gentle enough to be used on delicate areas such as the cheeks and Noah’s facial rash would clear up very quickly, usually within a few hours of applying the balm.

Noah recently had a bad bout of diaper rash and his paediatrician prescribed a mild steroid cream to treat it. I used the cream diligently for some time but couldn’t help worrying about the side effects and decided to switch to the Pure Baby Protective Balm, which is zinc free. I just wanted to see if it would have any impact on the diaper rash and planned to go back to the steroid cream and barrier cream combination if the rash became worse. Right now, the diaper rash still hasn’t cleared completely but it looks a lot less red and the blisters look like they are healing well, so I will stick to the balm for a while more at least.

Noah’s neck before I started using the Mii Organics Pure Baby products

Noah’s neck after about three weeks

On cool days, Noah’s neck looks much better

I love that the Mii Organics Pure Baby skincare products are all fragrance free and gentle enough for sensitive skin. I really hope that with prolonged usage of these products, Noah’s neck rash will clear up completely, regardless of the weather!

PS. If you are interested to see what a Baobab tree looks like, check out the smaller version of it at Gardens by the Bay.


Mii Organics products can be found at:

Boo-tiful @ Level 2, Millenia Walk

Maternity Exchange @ Marina Square

Gleneagles Hospital Parentcraft Centre (selected range)

Retail Price (L to R):

Pure Baby Sensitive Wash 236ml/8oz – S$42.90

Pure Baby Hydrating Oil 118ml/4oz – S$29.90

Pure Baby Protective Balm 89ml/3oz – S$28.90


Get 20% off ALL Mii Organics products at Bebe Avenue.

To get the discount, simply enter the code MIIORGANIC during checkout.

Promotion valid till 15 December 2012.


Disclosure: I received a bottle of Pure Baby Sensitive Wash (236ml/8oz), a bottle of Pure Baby Hydrating Oil (118ml/4oz) and a jar of Pure Baby Protective Balm (89ml/3oz) for review.

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