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Product Review & Contest: OTO Mbraze MB-50

Ever felt like an old lady trapped in a not-so-old lady’s body? I constantly feel like that, even before I gave birth! My neck, shoulders, and lower back are the usual problem areas, and I perpetually bug C to give me massages.

When the OTO Mbraze MB-50 was delivered to our home, I couldn’t wait to use it. The thought of getting a shiatsu massage in my own house, without having to make an appointment, and at any time I wish, made me very happy. Yes, it doesn’t take much to make me happy these days. As all mothers will tell you, me-time is a very rare commodity, and I was really looking forward to having a relaxing 20-minute massage after Noah went to bed that night.

The OTO Mbraze MB-50 (Rossi)


Apparently, I wasn’t the only one dreaming of a good massage, because C asked to use it too! He often has a stiff neck and achy shoulders, because he sits hunched over his computer all day long, so I very grudgingly generously agreed to let him use the OTO Mbraze before me. You should have seen the smile on his face when the massage started. He even went as far as to call it a ‘god-send’!

Enjoying his neck and shoulder massage


When it was finally my turn to use the OTO Mbraze, I was surprised that it actually DID feel like having a masseuse giving me a shiatsu massage. I was squirming a little initially from the pressure on my right shoulder, as my muscles there were rather tense. I cheated by moving the massager slightly lower every now and then, so that the kneading wouldn’t be concentrated on a single area, and enjoyed the massage a lot more.

What I also like about the OTO Mbraze is that it comes with two straps of different lengths, and the longer one has handles on it to give you a better grip. I’ve been using the longer one, as it allows me to adjust the machine easily, by just sliding it up and down my back, as compared to other machines I’ve used, which need to be strapped firmly in one spot. I feel as though I am really getting a full-body massage! I don’t even have to tell the masseuse where to massage, because, hey, I can position the massager myself. A shorter, adjustable Velcro strap is also provided, if you prefer wearing the OTO Mbraze on your abdomen or buttocks.

Using the long strap


The OTO Mbraze can be used on almost any part of your body! It is extremely effective in reaching deep tissue and soothing overburdened acupressure points in several parts of the body, including the neck, shoulder, back, abdomen, arms, and legs. There is also a heat therapy function, which I find very relaxing.

The many uses of the OTO Mbraze

OTO Mbraze Uses

Image courtesy of OTO Bodycare Pte Ltd

Apart from soothing our many aches, the OTO Mbraze aids in slimming and toning by targeting specific acupressure points. Don’t worry, there is a very comprehensive Acupressure Point Guide included. This is especially useful for me, as I still look like I am five months pregnant have lots of flabby areas, including my baby belly and ‘bat wings’.

At first, I was afraid that the abdomen massage would be ticklish, as I always giggle helplessly when the masseuse touches my belly. You can imagine how much of a struggle my post-natal massages were. Interestingly, I didn’t have the same problem with the OTO Mbraze. The dual massage orbs, each with four rotating heads of various sizes, simulate the firm and strong fingers of a professional masseuse. Perhaps it didn’t feel ticklish because the massage orbs are encased in a protective fabric cover, and I was further ‘protected’ by my clothes. Whatever the case, I was actually able to enjoy getting my abdomen massaged for once!

Sounds too good to be true? Pop by any of the OTO stores to test it out!

PS. You can ‘like’ the OTO Bodycare Singapore Facebook page to receive health tips and information on their latest promotions.

Choose from three gorgeous colours

OTO Mbraze Colours

Image courtesy of OTO Bodycare Pte Ltd

Product Features

Home, Office and Car use International usage Heat therapy 2 specially designed straps for comfortable usage Effective at relaxing neck, shoulder and back muscles and easing aches and pains Improves blood circulation and reduces stress Improves lymphatic flow, immune system and nerve function, thus helping you sleep better In depth massage reaches the acupressure points and relieves pains 4 deep set massage nodes Contemporary design by European designers User-friendly and easy to use


OTO Mother’s Day Contest

Want to pamper your mother this Mother’s Day? OTO Bodycare is having a very special Mother’s Day Contest! All you have to do is register your mum by this Sunday, 12 April 2013, and she could win a makeover and an OTO Dante Massage Chair. Your mum will get to try out the Mbraze for two whole weeks, and I’m sure she will really appreciate being able to get a massage whenever she wants. Details are in the photo below.

OTO Mother's Day Contest


Disclosure: I received the OTO Mbraze MB-50 for the purpose of this sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

The next OTO ambassador? 😉

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