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Things Noah Says / Does #9

Noah has been getting really chatty, and says the darndest things. He’s been talking about what goes on in school, and most of the time, I have no idea if what he says is the truth, or some figment of his imagination. 

Background information: Noah’s teachers informed me that he had been running around, pushing his friends’ chests, and running away laughing merrily. Ms G had to take him aside for a chat, and he promised not to do it anymore. I also told him, in their presence, that he would have to go to the corner at home (our version of time-outs) if his teachers told me that he pushed his friends again. This was our conversation two days later. 

N: I didn’t push anyone today.

Me: That’s good!

N: I dropped S (his classmate), then S cried.

Me: Huh? How on earth did you drop S?

N: I dropped S!

Me: Did you push her?


Me: Did you hit her?

N: No.

Me: Then who hit her?

N: The floor.

Me: (Trying to keep a straight face) I see. Was it an accident?

N: Ya, accident.

I have no idea what actually happened, because his teachers said that he was a good boy, and didn’t push anyone after that day. When I spoke to them about it the next day, they were puzzled too, but said that the children like pretending to fall down, like Humpty Dumpty, so maybe that was what he meant.


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