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Things Didi and Meimei Say / Do #15 & #16

The twins come up with all sorts of funny things, and Meimei, in particular, has been especially sassy!

#15 I was going through the pile of worksheets and crafts that the twins brought home from school, and came across Meimei’s colourful illustrations of her four favourite things/activities.

I thought it was really lovely, and quickly went through Didi’s pile to look for his worksheet. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I saw his, because I couldn’t figure out what he drew!

Me: Meimei, can you tell me what you drew? Meimei: The first one is a flower, because I like flowers. This is numbers, because sometimes I like numbers. This is me waving bye-bye, and this is a colourful butterfly. Me: Ah I see. Very nice! Didi, what did you draw? Didi: This is numbers. This is a toilet bowl, because I like to pee-pee. This is me waving bye-bye, and this one is 集体活动. I don’t like colouring, so there’s no colour. Me: Hmmm… this is a group activity? But there are only two people in it! Didi: It’s me and Meimei! Me: Erm okay…

If this isn’t clear evidence that the twins have very different personalities, I don’t know what is!

#16 The twins like fiddling with the cords of our blinds in the living room, despite our repeated reminders not to do so, as it can be dangerous. One day, C caught Meimei playing with the cords on three separate occasions, and after the third time that he told her to stop playing with it, he got quite exasperated with her because she didn’t look remorseful at all.

C: MEIMEI! Do I have to tell you ten times not to play with this? Meimei: *nonchalantly* You only told me three times what.

Meimei 1: Daddy 0

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