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Things Noah Says / Does #30 & #31

N has been into jokes and riddles these days, and some of the things he says can be very corny. These are the two food-related ones.


One day, C bought some roasted pork for our lunch, and was telling us over lunch that the seller weighed the roasted pork after chopping it, before putting it into the box. N listened intently, then asked, “Are they trying to give you a “balanced diet”, Daddy?”



N wanted to help to collect the food from the deliveryman one day, but when he took the bag from him, he realised that it was really heavy. As he lugged the food to the table, he quipped, “I guess this is a “heavy meal”, huh?”

I’m quite impressed that he knows how to use air-quotes properly! Haha.


While N was doing some work the other day, he realised that he made a mistake. Instead of changing his answer, he decided to change the question instead. *facepalm*

I had quite a few DMs telling me that it’s good that he can think out of the box, which I understand and appreciate, but erm, I don’t think his teachers in school will give him credit for that, right?

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