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Things Didi and Meimei Say / Do #6

N and the twins are constantly chasing each other around the house, playing “fighting”/”bad guys”/”monsters” or whatever else it is that N comes up with. It’s usually N vs the twins, though sometimes, it can be the boys vs Meimei, which ends in Meimei crying.

Anyway, N had been chasing the twins around the house again on Tuesday evening, but after a while, the twins were standing in the living room together, while N was in the guest room playing with his Lego.

Meimei: *acting tough* Don’t worry, Didi! I go roar at KorKor, okay? I go hai-yak, hai-yak, HAI-YAK at KorKor. You stay here.

She then proceeds to run in the direction of the master bedroom, stands outside the door, and yells loudly.

Meimei: ROARRRRRR! HAI-YAK, HAI-YAK, HAI-YAK, KORKOR! You cannot catch us anymore!

She runs quickly back to Didi, most likely afraid of repercussions, but looking pleased with herself.

Didi: But Meimei, KorKor is over THERE. *points in the opposite direction, where the guest room is*

Meimei: Oh.


I don’t know if Meimei was aware that N wasn’t in the master bedroom, and was therefore just pretending to be brave, or if she really thought N was in the room, but either way, I thought it was quite hilarious.

The twins plotting some mischief one evening

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