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Things Noah Says / Does #1

Those of you who’ve been following this blog will know that I have an ongoing series of Silly Things We Say / Do, chronicling the nonsense that C and I come up with. (We’re currently at #41, in case you’re wondering. Click on the link and read all of them!)

Anyway, I decided that it’s time to start this new series, because Noah has been doing and saying some really funny things recently!

We got back to our serviced apartment in Adelaide yesterday, and Noah seemed perfectly at ease, running around and playing with everything he saw. (Unlike what happened when we went home to Singapore two weeks back.)

He used to play with the telephone in the bedroom, but this time, he decided to see how long the telephone cord could stretch.

How long can it stretch? 


Into the toilet… which means it is longer than the length of a queen-sized bed. 


and across the breadth of the bed too!


Please excuse the poor quality of the photos. He was running around so much that I couldn’t capture a clear shot at all!

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