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Things Didi and Meimei Say / Do #7

The kids were all really excited about going to the playground yesterday, as they hadn’t been downstairs to play for quite some time, thanks to the haze.

The twins ran straight for the playground with the tallest slide, and proceeded to make their way up. I was waiting for them to come down the slide, but for some reason, they both stood at the top for a while, instead of rushing down the slide like they usually did.

Suddenly, I heard Didi shouting, “There’s a show there! There’s a show there! Look! Look!”

I looked up, and saw the two of them standing on tiptoes, peering over the top of the barrier, looking at something in the distance. I turned to see what they were staring at and realised that they were watching a cartoon screening on a tv in the second-storey flat nearby. *facepalm*

I convinced them to stop watching the show and to come down the slide, but I have to give Didi credit for being so erm, observant and aware of his surroundings, I guess?

Spot the twins

PS. I shared this on my IG Stories when it happened yesterday, but it’s so funny that I wanted to keep a record of it on this blog. I think they’ll have a good laugh about it when they’re older!

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