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Things Didi and Meimei Say / Do #5

Didi at almost 2.5 years old is a very persistent (some would say he’s stubborn) kid. Once he decides that he wants something, he begs and whines ENDLESSLY for it. If you can somehow ignore his whining, he goes into a full-fledged tantrum, complete with loud wailing, kicking, pushing, and whatever else his little body can do to show his displeasure.

So at 440am this morning, Didi decided that he wanted to “wear fire truck”, so he woke up and yelled for me. We all sleep in the same room, but somehow, I’m the only one who can hear him, because the other three didn’t even move.

Didi: Didi want wear fire truck.

Me: Huh? It’s night-time, Didi.

Didi: No night time! Night time go away! (He tells whatever he doesn’t like to “go away”, even if it doesn’t make any sense.)

Me: Do you want Mummy to cuddle you?

Didi: Nooooooooo, Didi want fire truckkkkkkkkkk!

Me: Later, okay? It’s time to sleep now.

Didi: No! No sleep! Didi don’t want sleep! Didi want wear fire truck!

This went on for a while more, together with a lot of whining and shaking of his head/body, so I figured the easiest thing to do would be to let him have his way. Didi can’t really be reasoned with on normal days, and I didn’t want to risk letting him descend further into madness, because I didn’t feel like dealing with two crying babies (if Didi started bawling, he would wake Meimei up and she would ask to be nursed, which would make Didi cry even more… you get the picture) so I chose my sanity over logic and common sense.

For the record, we do NOT have a fire truck nor a fireman’s helmet. Maybe it’s Mummy’s intuition (but it’s more likely that I’m either well-trained by Didi’s unreasonable demands or just as crazy as he is), but I gave him N’s old “jungle explorer” hat, and he nodded when I asked if it was the “fire truck” that he wanted to wear. 🤷🏻‍♀️

He put on the hat, walked calmly back to the bedroom with me, climbed onto his own mattress, and lay down to sleep again.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting my unreasonable child wearing a “fire truck” at 446am.

PS. If you think I went back to bed happily after that, HA. Meimei woke up shortly after that, and I had to nurse her for about 20 minutes before she decided that she wanted to “sleep with Didi” on the mattress, but “Mummy put Meimei down”, which meant that she wanted me to carry her there. Ah the joy of having twins.

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