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Things Didi and Meimei Say / Do #4

The twins like reading these days, which makes my heart sing because I love books, but it does get quite tiring having to read non-stop to them. They each have their own favourites, and one evening, Didi got really upset (I’m talking about loud wailing and wild attempts to hurt his sister) because he didn’t want me to read Meimei’s choice of books, only his. Sigh. Thankfully, they’re usually happy to listen to any book I read, although they do try to close certain books while I’m reading aloud to them, and say, “Not this, Mummy. Not this one.”

Ever since they started talking a lot and showing an interest in books, I get them to help me flip the pages, and I try getting them to look at the illustrations more. We talk about the characters and their surroundings, but it also depends on their moods. What always makes me laugh is when we get to the end of each book, and they close the book gleefully while declaring, “AMEN!”

I’ve told them repeatedly that it’s “THE END”, not “AMEN”, but they don’t seem to get it! I’ve learnt from experience that these funny things they say will one day stop, and I’ll find myself missing the mispronounced words and the innocence that the words were said with, so I’m recording this here to remind myself of how cute they are when they say “AMEN!” instead of “The End”.


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