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Things Didi and Meimei Say / Do #17, #18 & #19

#17 The twins were given their first ever homework assignment last week, and I was really amused by how enthusiastic they were about it. Meimei finished her lunch quickly, then headed directly to their study room to work on it. When Didi realised that Meimei had started on her homework, he hurriedly finished his lunch, so that he could start on his too. Ah if only they would always be this enthusiastic about homework!

It was a simple assignment: first, they had to count the items and write the correct numbers in the boxes, then they had to draw the correct number of items to match the numbers.

Meimei was very diligent in completing her homework! She had a bit of trouble counting some of the objects, counting faster than she pointed, so I had to guide her a little when there were more objects. She also wanted to draw things like butterflies and flowers for the second part of the assignment, but couldn’t draw them small enough to fit in the space provided, so I convinced her to draw simpler items, like circles. Check out how cute her butterflies are though!

Didi, on the other hand, was… just being himself. He started off pretty well, counting and writing the numbers confidently, but when he got to the triangles, I had to supervise his counting as he had the same issue as Meimei: counting faster than he pointed. It’s quite a common problem for young kids, I think, so I wasn’t too bothered by it. Then I realised that he wrote 18 instead of 19.

Me: Didi, you counted 19, right? Didi: Ya. Me: Then what number did you write? Didi: 18! Me: Erm, why? Didi: I don’t know how to write 19, so I just wrote 18! It’s okay! Me: It’s not okay! You have to write the correct number down! KorKor: I know! You can write 18 + 1! Me: Nooooo…

I have a feeling I’m going to have a tough time getting Didi to follow instructions and complete his homework properly. Sigh.

#18 Meimei is usually the more sensible twin, and these days, her maturity has been a lot more apparent, especially in contrast with Didi’s behaviour.

Didi: I want to eat at a restaurant, Mummy! Can you bring us to a restaurant? Me: No, we have food at home. Auntie has already cooked your lunch. Didi: Whyyyyyyyyyyy… I don’t want to eat at home! Me: Eating out is expensive. Do you have money? Didi: Daddy has money! Daddy goes to work to earn money, right? Meimei: DIDI! Daddy goes to work and earns money to SAVE money, not to WASTE money, okay?

Didi wanted to buy more items, while Meimei was trying to stop him

#19 As the kids’ designated chauffeur, I have the privilege of listening to their funny conversations when I drive them around.

#19.1 Meimei: Mummy… Didi is shooting me! Didi: I’m not! Mummy, I don’t want Meimei to say that… Meimei: But he’s shooting me! Really! He put his hand like that (proceeds to demonstrate how Didi used his fingers to make a gun) and then he shoot me! Didi: *close to tears* I didn’t! I didn’t, Mummy! Me: Didi… Didi: I DIDN’T SHOOT HER! I’m just preparing. Shoot is like this (demonstrates how his thumb goes down if he’s shooting) and preparing is like that (shows me that his thumb is still upright). Meimei: HUMPH.

#19.2 Meimei: Daddy doesn’t play with us. I think I have to train him! Me: *trying to keep a straight face* Oh really? How are you going to train him? Meimei: I’m going to buy a CANE! Then when he doesn’t play with us, I will cane him. Me: Good luck with that!

We don’t have a cane at home, and don’t usually smack/hit the kids as a form of discipline, so I have no idea where she got that from! I think she must have overheard me telling N that my mum used to cane me when I made careless mistakes in my tests/exams/homework, and decided that it would be a good way to discipline Daddy.

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