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Things Didi and Meimei Say / Do #1 & #2

The twins are almost two, and every day, they say and do so many funny things which I tell myself I should record somewhere, since I’ll most probably forget them quickly, but I haven’t gotten round to writing anything about them at all! I keep telling C that I used to record everything N did each month, plus wrote him regular letters on this blog, but the twins… erm…

Anyway, here’s the first two (of many, I think) of the funny things they say and do. Better late than never, right?

#1: Baby Shark Bite

Didi developed a rash on his back recently when we were in Singapore, and has been quite bothered by the itch. I keep telling him not to scratch it, but every now and then, he stops whatever he’s doing, and just sits or stands there, scratching away.

One day, as he was scratching, he told me, in all seriousness, “Baby shark bite.”

I thought I heard him wrongly at first, so I asked, “Baby shark bite? Baby shark bite who? Where?”

He replied very firmly, “Baby shark bite Didi. Baby shark bite! Here!”

No prizes for guessing what his favourite song is, by the way.

He’s been consistently telling us, “Baby shark bite Didi!” so I think he really believes it, but what a weird thing to say or even think!

Mr “Baby shark bite” lounging around on his mattress early one morning

#2: Uncle Come Catch

When my parents were visiting us in Jakarta, the twins were hanging out in the room with them when they suddenly spotted the maintenance workers cleaning the windows outside our unit. Somehow, that freaked them out, and they kept pointing at the men, saying, “Uncle! Uncle come!”

That whole “uncle come” soon became a thing, and they started scaring each other with that phrase. When one of them misbehaves, the other would say, “Uncle come! Uncle come!” After a while, this developed into, “Uncle come. Uncle come catch Didi/Meimei.”

We’re not proud of it, but all the adults started using it to get them to do things, and even though it’s been more than a month, they’re still scared of the whole “uncle come” thing. This “uncle” is fictional now, and can apparently also transform into “auntie”, as we learnt one evening, when Meimei saw Didi climbing onto the table.

Meimei: Didi! No no! Uncle come!

Didi: *ignores her and continues climbing*

Meimei: Uncle come catch! Uncle come catch Didi!

Didi: *completely ignoring Meimei*

Meimei: Uncle, Auntie! Come! Come catch Didi!

Didi: No! Auntie catch Meimei!

So yeah, this fictional uncle is really busy, because he keeps getting called to “catch” whichever twin is misbehaving, and these days, he gets called to catch us too, if Meimei (or sometimes Didi) is particularly displeased with us. “Uncle come catch Daddy! Uncle come catch KorKor!”

Cheeky duo when they get along

Fighting over stickers and threatening each other with “uncle”

For the record, Meimei can be rather sweet too, because once, when she was refusing to eat, my mum told her that “uncle” would “catch Didi” if she didn’t eat her lunch. She quickly began eating her porridge, and finished it really fast, without spitting anything out. Also, when we ask her if “uncle” could “catch” so-and-so, she also always says, “Noooooo…” and gets upset when we insist that he will “catch” the person. Good to know that she cares for us!

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