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Things Didi and Meimei Say / Do #12, #13 & #14

The twins have been saying all kinds of funny things recently, and I just had to record them here because I know I’ll forget them if I don’t.

#12 I’m the designated “school bus driver”, which means I get to drive the kids to school every day. The twins’ school is quite far away from our place, and the two backseat drivers always have plenty of comments when I’m driving.

“Drive faster, Mummy!” “Go to the left, Mummy! The left side is faster!” “I need to pee-pee, drive faster, Mummy!” “This is so boring. Why are you stopping? Go faster!” “You’re too slow, Mummy.” “Go away cars! Don’t block our way!” Anyway, on one such long drive, the twins started wondering how they could learn to drive too.

Meimei: Mummy, when I’m big, can I drive? Me: Of course you can! You can do anything you want. Meimei: But how? How to drive? I don’t know how. Me: Oh you can take driving lessons. Meimei: Where? Me: At the driving school! Didi: At Legoland? Me: HAHAHAHAHA. (Background story: The kids went to Legoland® Malaysia last year and had a lot of fun driving around at the “Driving School” there.)

#13 The twins like telling me about what happened in school while I’m driving them home from school, and this conversation cracked me up.

Meimei: Today, Laoshi scolded me. Me: Why? What did you do? Meimei: Nothing! Me: Are you sure? Laoshi wouldn’t have scolded you for no reason. Meimei: Really! I was just doing my own thing, then Laoshi said I have to listen to her and follow her. She said I have to do the actions like her. Me: Hahaha. So you were not paying attention in class? Meimei: Erm, ya. Also, I was talking to my friend. Me: Can you please pay attention next time? Meimei: *rolling her eyes* Okayyyyy…

Doing their own things

#14 C was playing with the twins the other day, and was trying to hug both of them at the same time. The twins were giggling and struggling to get away from him, because they didn’t want him to tickle them.

C: Okay, who can tell me… who loves Daddy the most? Meimei: NOT ME! Me: HAHAHAHAHAHA. C: Don’t be so smug okay. Me: What were you expecting them to say? C: I just wanted to know what they would say what. Me: Don’t ask them questions that you don’t know the answer to! Hahaha.

C holding the one who doesn’t love him the most

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