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Singapore Blog Awards 2014: The Awards Ceremony

Okay, pardon the unimaginative title please, I’ve tried really hard to think of something better, but somehow, my brain isn’t quite working at the moment. I don’t usually blog on weekends, but I just wanted to pen down some thoughts on the whole Singapore Blog Awards (SBA) thingy. (Also because Noah woke me up really early this morning, and I couldn’t go back to sleep.) 

I struggled to find something derby-themed for the awards ceremony on Saturday, so on Friday, I made a quick trip down to Elly to buy Noah some horse-themed clothes.

Noah’s OOTD for the event


On Saturday morning itself, I frantically tried on various dresses in my wardrobe, because for some reason, I didn’t think to do that earlier. I finally settled on one of my old work dresses, which didn’t, in any way, look appropriate for a derby, but it was the best I could do. I then scrambled to put on some old make-up which I found lying in my cupboard from my pre-Noah days (ie it’s at least two years old, and will most probably give me plenty of pimples), couldn’t find the brush, and erm, used my fingers instead. THAT’S how well-prepared I was. Haha. I also managed to find an old pair of heels, which I haven’t worn for more than two years, and hobbled around ungracefully in them throughout the ceremony.

What about C’s outfit? Well, when I asked him what he was going to wear, he said, “Singlet. And sarong.” I repeated his answer to my mum, who had also asked me the same question, and she replied, “With boots, is it? To clean the horse poop?” Anyway, after I had finished scrambling around trying to get ready, C decided to do the same, but couldn’t find any of the polo-tees that he wanted to wear, because our part-time help hadn’t ironed them yet. We’re terrible, I know.

Our OOTDs (horse and hat were props from the photo booth)


I was in fan-girl mode when we arrived at the ceremony, going around saying hi to all the ladies whom I’ve only “met” online, via their blogs.

Group shots!



Noah got really bored after a while, and refused to play with his cars and trains that I brought along, so I had to keep borrowing different props from the photo booth to keep him entertained.

He loved this horse prop best



We had to leave early because Noah started getting really cranky, and I had a tough time keeping him awake in the car ride home. Luckily, he was pretty amused at seeing himself in the programme booklet, and spent some time flipping through it. The selfie stick from the goodie bag kept him entertained for a while too, but I have yet to figure out how to use it.

The Programme Booklet


“Noah in book!” he exclaimed.


My favourite item from the goodie bag


How has this changed me? Well, I seem to have developed “blogpost diarrhea”, because I suddenly have so much to say, that I actually have been writing daily on weekdays. I hope this deluge of posts hasn’t put you off reading my blog, and if it has, please let me know! Apart from that, I’m still the same person that I am, trying to keep up with my super busy toddler. Regular mummy duties, you know?

I didn’t win, but honestly, I wasn’t expecting to either, because I’m a huge fan of many of the other finalists’ blogs, and would have voted for them, if I hadn’t been shortlisted myself. When I asked C if he honestly thought that I would have won, he replied, “Why not?” I think he has more faith in me than I have in myself, and that, is what made my day.


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