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Hello Again

It’s been ages since I last blogged! At first, it was because I got lazy and preferred posting everything on Instagram instead. Then, my blog got hacked and it took me quite a while to get it back. Why anyone would want to hack an auntie’s blog is beyond me, but I didn’t want to give it up because I’ve recorded so many memories on it. (It’s now hosted on Wix instead of Bluehost, but don’t ask me what the difference is, because I don’t know!) After all that drama, I just didn’t feel like blogging again. Some of my posts are missing photos, but I can’t bring myself to hunt for those photos and re-upload them, so… like that lor.

Do people still read blogs these days anyway? It feels like everyone wants the TL;DR versions of everything. Even on IG, not everyone reads captions, especially when it’s lengthier than two paragraphs, and even reels aren’t watched in full. How do I know? Because people DM me to ask me stuff that I wrote in my captions, or shared in my reels. #truestory

Seriously, people. Have we become so busy that we can’t find the time to read more than 100 words at a time, or are we so used to having everything summarised into ten-second clips that anything more than that automatically gets skipped?

I know I may offend some people by saying this, but I’ve also gained some “enlightenment” from my friends, who tell me that I don’t have to respond to every single DM, especially when I’ve already shared the information. If people can’t be bothered to read my captions, or watch the entire reel, even though they want to find out about something, they can ask Google instead of me, right? Why are people so entitled these days? WHY? #askingforafriend

I actually wanted to write about our holiday in Penang, but somehow ended up ranting about something that has been bugging me for some time. I guess this is the new tone of my blog? 😅 If you know me personally, you’d know that what you see on my social media is what I’m like in real life. However, the kids are a lot older now, so I do try to filter what I post. Our lives are far from perfect okay, and the only reason why you don’t see me yelling at my kids on my IGS is that I’m BUSY yelling, and not crazy enough to take a video of me losing my cool. Some days, I hardly post anything on my IGS, because I’m just trying to get through the day, so that I can go to bed. #alsotruestory

Anyway, I’m going to try to blog more from now on, since I started this blog to record our family’s various experiences. I’ve missed writing. It can be quite a cathartic process: writing about our ivf experience really helped me process all my thoughts and feelings at that time, and even writing about basically nothing now is strangely quite satisfying.

It’s too late to start writing about our Penang trip now, but I’ll try to do it soon, before I lose my momentum and this blog ends up collecting dust again!

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janell chen
janell chen

Miss your blogging Adeline. Welcome back and looking forward to your post!


Awww thank you for being so kind! Will try to write more soon!

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