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Coming Soon: I Theatre’s The Enormous Turnip

When we caught I Theatre’s The Way Back Home last month, Noah spotted the promotional poster and brochure for The Enormous Turnip and was really intrigued. “Why is the turnip so big, mummy? What are they doing to the turnip, mummy? I want to watch that show also, mummy.” That was my cue to get tickets to the production, of course!

I like reading the story to Noah before we watch any production, but for some reason, I couldn’t get my hands on a copy of the book. Thankfully, I was able to find two different versions of The Enormous Turnip at the library, one with the mouse and one without, although the storyline was more or less the same. He still had many questions for me after we read the books a couple of times, so I hope that he’ll be able to get some answers when we catch I Theatre’s production of The Enormous Turnip!

The Enormous Turnip will be making a comeback this November, an improved and reinvented version of I Theatre’s sold-out production from 2013. I Theatre’s unique brand of professional actors, unforgettable songs, mask, puppetry and theatre magic again brings you the story of a tiny mouse – and an enormous turnip. Little Eek the Mouse’s dream is to be noticed. But Eek is SO small. Diggory the Gardener’s dream is to win a prize – any prize for his vegetables. And then – in his garden, a turnip grows – and grows – and grows! Where does it come from? And who is strong enough to pull this Enormous Turnip out of the ground? A fast paced, colourful, interactive play, carefully designed for the younger audience, with cute characters, fun and memorable songs, and a clear moral message for everyone.

Duration: 55 minutes plus meet and greet Most suitable for 3 to 12 years old and families Written and Directed by Brian Seward Music composed and arranged by Julian Wong Tickets available from Sistic HERE


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