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ASEAN Para Games Carnival 2015

The 8th ASEAN Para Games is starting on the 3rd of December, but the carnival has already started, and Noah had such a great time there. The set-up is very much similar to the SEA Games Carnival earlier this year, but with a focus on the para sports, of course. Do try to get there when it first opens at 10am, as the crowd is significantly smaller at that time. We hardly had to queue for anything initially, and Noah could go for multiple rounds at the stations he liked, because we were early.

The first thing you’ll need to do, is to register at the booth near the Stadium MRT exit, so that you can get your carnival pass and lanyard. You’ll need the carnival pass to participate in the games, and you can get a stamp for each completed station. Once you’ve collected five stamps, head to the Nila truck to redeem a sticker book or a small pack of post-its. You can still continue playing the games after your carnival pass has been filled up, so don’t worry.

ASEAN Para Games Carnival 2015

ASEAN Para Games Carnival 1

Carnival Site Map


Carnival Passes


I wanted to bring Noah directly to the Kids & Inflatable Zone first, but we passed the Pedal Go-Kart station, and decided to try it out, since there wasn’t a queue. The boys manning the station were really kind, and one of them pushed Noah on his go-kart around the entire circuit. For the second round, I decided to put Noah on my lap so that he could steer while I pedalled, and was surprised that it was quite difficult to pedal. The boys had to help give me a “starting push” each time we stalled, or I wouldn’t be able to move at all.

Noah on the Go-Kart


Noah spotted the Inflatables Zone and insisted on skipping the Kids Zone to head there first. Honestly, I think that was a good decision, as the crowd hadn’t come in yet, and he could go on the different inflatable stations repeatedly, without having to queue.

The Bouncy Safari Park had a huge giraffe, a tree with a hole, and a small slide at the side. Noah liked jumping around on it, and squeezing through the hole, but I think he found the slide too short, and not very fun. The Bouncy Gym had a bigger slide, and he went through the “circuit” a couple of times happily. I couldn’t really see what was inside, but I think there’s a mini obstacle course, and two slides. Noah had no problems navigating it, but if you’re afraid that your child might get stuck inside, I think they’ll let you accompany him/her too.

Inflatables Zone


Bouncy Safari Park


Bouncy Gym


Noah also tried the bouncy surfing/wakeboarding station, but he didn’t really enjoy it. That should probably be more suitable for older children or adults. We did the wheelchair-basketball together, which was really tough.

Sitting on the surfboard


Noah’s absolute favourite station was the wall-climbing. I initially told him that he couldn’t go on it because he’s too small, but the boys at the station said that they would help him, and they were really excellent. One helped guide him up the wall, while another helped to pull him up at the top, then taught him how to cross his arms across his chest, before sliding down the huge slide. You should have seen the look of pure joy on his face as he came down the slide. I was so proud of him for being so brave and climbing up there! He asked to go on it so many times that I felt bad for the boys, but they were very patient, and helped him each time.






I managed to convince Noah to head to the Kids Zone after about an hour or so at the Inflatables Zone, and he only agreed because I told him that he could get a tattoo there. He coloured two small pictures, which were made into badges, and a kind girl came along to help apply two of the Nila tattoos on his arms. After that, she brought him to the airbrush tattoo counter, and he selected the triceratops design for that. I have no idea why he loves getting tattoos so much!

His colouring


Getting a Nila tattoo


So pleased with his new tattoo


Getting his airbrush tattoo


Noah also tried out some Para Sports, like trying to kick a football while wearing dark sunglasses, and doing archery while seated on a wheelchair with me. I attempted the Read My Signs station at the Para Experience Zone, and was told that the board was for the American Sign Language, and would be updated soon to reflect the Singapore Sign Language instead. I really liked how there were so many stations that allowed the public to experience the challenges faced by people with disabilities, instead of only covering the sports that they did. We take so many things for granted, like walking or tying our shoelaces, and this was quite a humbling and eye-opening experience for me.





Read my Signs (ASL version)


We managed to catch the roving caricaturist, and Noah was fascinated by him, because he was ambidextrous. He was most amused by his caricature, and kept wanting to look at it after it was done.

With his caricature


Noah was extremely sweaty after just two hours at the carnival, so I decided to bring him into the mall for lunch. I posted some photos of him at the carnival, and won a chance to participate in the Ultimate Grab Challenge. It looked quite daunting, as I had to be suspended and enter the huge box like in the arcade grab machine, but the volunteers told me that a four-year-old girl did it before me, so I thought I would be fine. Unfortunately, I was too much of a coward to complete it, and asked to come down before I even entered the box. Haha. It was quite scary to be dangling up there, and I figured that it would be too difficult to find one of the handphones in the box anyway, so I just asked if they could give me some stickers for Noah instead. Thankfully, none of them laughed at me, and Noah was more than happy with the stickers that they gave him.

Sweaty but Happy


Noah has been asking to go back to the carnival again,and keeps talking about how much fun he had, so maybe we’ll try to visit it again before it closes on the 9th of December. Do check it out if you’re looking for a fun (and free) activity with your children!

PS. You can visit this website for more information on what’s available at the carnival.


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