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Storage Solutions with Storefriendly

After we returned from Jakarta with three growing kids and 31 boxes of stuff, our home in Singapore felt too small. We only had two bedrooms, and it just wasn’t enough for all of us, plus our helper. We put our house on the market, and thanks to our good friend turned housing agent, Homes by Z, we found a buyer who liked our home’s open concept and two spacious rooms. It was tough saying goodbye to our first home, but it was a necessary step, and we are looking forward to having much more space in our new place.

We originally hoped that the buyer would let us stay in our home until we bought and renovated our new place, but they wanted to move in ASAP, so we had to find a short-term rental unit, which was really tough. But God always provides, and we are now in our rental home. Bonus part? It’s in the same development as my godsis, so she helped me to babysit them for a while when I had some unpacking left to do, and I’ve also sent the kids over to her place to play on a couple of occasions.

Anyway, since our rental place is smaller than our first home, we had to put quite a bit of things into storage. C says that if I can live without those things for a few months, it probably means I can throw them away, but hello, most of those things are books and toys!

I selected some books and toys that are suitable for the twins and N now, brought them to this rental home, and put the rest into storage. There are of course many other books and toys that they can use now, but there’s just not enough space. We plan to have a large reading area in our new place, and I can’t wait to have my, I mean, our own little library there.

I checked out some storage options, and decided on Storefriendly for a few reasons. I wanted somewhere near our home, with 24/7 access, so that I could go over easily if I needed to retrieve something from the storage space. It had to be clean, with air-conditioning, so that my items won’t get damaged by the heat/humidity. Price was also a factor, and Storefriendly had a good promotion (the current promotion is slightly different from mine and you can check out their promotions HERE).

Storefriendly has three different locations: Paya Lebar, Clementi, and Bukit Merah, and each location has a variety of unit sizes available for rental. Honestly, I didn’t know what size I would require, so I requested to take a look at some of the different sizes available, before making my decision.

The staff that I encountered, Hafiz and Favian, were both extremely helpful in showing me around the place, and even recommended which size I should use, based on the photos of my belongings.

Favian, who helped me to decide on the 80sqft unit instead of the 96sqft one

I was most fascinated by StorefriendlyGO, which was on the same level as some of the storage units I saw, and Hafiz explained that it’s their smallest storage unit, and you can access your unit at any time, via the GObot (ie the Storefriendly Robot). The concept sounded so cool, I went to watch the video to see how it actually works. I think it’s perfect for those who don’t have that much to store, and for those who need to access their stored items more frequently.

How StorefriendlyGo works

I actually signed up for the Storefriendly storage unit on the day itself, and Favian recommended the 80sqft unit after taking a look at the items that our movers unloaded. The ceiling of each unit is actually quite high, so as long as you can stack your items, you can pack quite a bit of things into the storage space.

Not bad right? We still had some space at the top and at the entrance of the unit! After seeing the extra space, I decided to put a bit more things into storage, and managed to do so all by myself, thanks to the trolley and ladder that I borrowed from the Storefriendly reception.

I also had to “rescue” C’s cabin-sized luggage from the storage unit, because I accidentally got the movers to pack it into the items for storage. Thankfully, it wasn’t that deep in, and I managed to get it out quite easily, or I would have to buy him another bag. I was so glad that I chose to store our items at Storefriendly instead of at the mover’s storage facility, as it was so much easier to access my belongings here!

PS. I actually documented this Storefriendly experience on my IG Stories, and put the posts on my IG Highlights, since quite a few people asked about it, so do check it out if you’re keen to see more photos and videos of the storage units.

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