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Saying Goodbye to our First Home

One of the biggest events of 2019 (apart from our relocation back to Singapore) is that we sold our first home! We really love this home, and have so many fond memories of our place, since we have been here for 12 years. It’s quite spacious for a 5-room HDB flat, and we had a huge master bedroom because we hacked two rooms into one, but the flat is no longer big enough for our family of five.

We’ve since purchased a larger place, and have also moved to a rental unit while waiting for the new place to be renovated, but that’s a story for another day.

Our movers (from Faith Relocation and Moving Services, WA or call Andy at 98428913 and say that Adeline referred you) packed up most of our belongings on Boxing Day (how apt), and brought some of our stuff to our storage facility, Storefriendly, since our current rental place isn’t very big. I’ll share more about Storefriendly soon, since quite a few people have been DM-ing me after seeing my IG Stories on our move.

C brought the kids to my parents’ place that day, and they all had a good time while I was busy. The kids were very dramatic when they got back and saw all the boxes in our living room, and kept going, “What a mess! What a mess!”

Breakfast with Daddy while Mummy was busy

“What a mess! What a mess!”

We packed the kids off to my parents’ place again on the day of the move, and since they didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to our home, we brought them back over the weekend, just to see the empty place, and to take some photos. N grew up here, and even though the twins spent more time in our Jakarta home than this home, they do still ask for “our Singapore house” when we are at our current rental place, so I think they have some fond memories of the home too.

C took some lovely photos of us, and we both took videos of our home before we locked up the place for the last time.

Love how cheeky Meimei was being in this family photo

Our fav wallpaper from Threadless

They loved jumping on and off our bed like that

We will miss our spacious living room

We will miss this gorgeous view

This was where N learnt how to play hockey and soccer

Last family photo in our first home

This home was where we moved into after we got married, where we struggled with infertility, where we welcomed our three babies, where we left and came back to when we went to Adelaide and later to Jakarta, where we celebrated many birthdays, and most importantly, where we grew as a family together.

Goodbye, our beautiful first home. Thank you for all the memories. We will miss you very much.

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