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Silly Things We Say / Do #7

This post isn’t really about what we said or did, but rather, what a friend of C’s ours, said. We secretly think he wanted me to blog about him.

Our friends popped by on Saturday night to give Noah a really adorable shirt, and their little girl came along with them. She’s about 15 months old now and I love that she’s able to communicate so well with everyone without even talking much. For example, when she wanted all of us to sit on the floor with her, all she did was to point at, or rather, tap on, the floor in a very schoolteacher-ish manner. So cute! She loves babies and was very gentle with Noah, and we all enjoyed watching them interact with each other.

Friend Y: Oh look, they are exploring each other. Everyone else: *horrified silence* C: Erm, that sounds wrong. Friend Y: Then what? They are touching each other? Me: That’s wrong too!


For the record, Friend Y has been C’s friend for more than ten years. I guess birds of a feather flock together!

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