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Silly Things We Say / Do #46

Ever since we relocated back to Singapore from Jakarta, the twins haven’t been able to sleep through the night. Our routine has always been to let them fall asleep on our bed, then I’ll carry them to the mattress that they share, and Didi used to sleep through the night there. Meimei would usually wake up once a night to nurse, but could sometimes sleep through the night too.

It has been almost a month, but Didi has been waking up EVERY SINGLE NIGHT to climb back onto our bed, an hour or two after I put him on their mattress. One night, I tried putting him back onto their mattress after he fell asleep again, but when I opened my eyes a short while later, he was standing right in front of my face. I let him sleep on our bed, but turned onto my side to sleep, and when I opened my eyes again after a while, HE WAS STANDING IN FRONT OF ME AGAIN. I wised up and decided to sleep facing him, and he slept well after that. Meimei also wakes up to nurse, and sometimes complains that she has “no pace (space/place, I can’t figure it out) to sleep on our bed because Didi is there, and ends up sleeping at the foot of our bed, or going back to the mattress on her own.

One morning, after yet another night of Didi fussing on our bed, C came up with these terms for the twins.

C: This fella is a PR leh. Me: Huh? What PR? C: PR la, PR! Me: *totally confused and thinking about Public Relations* C: You know, PR? Permanent Resident? I think he’s applying for citizenship soon. Me: HAHA ya maybe. C: This one is PR trying to be citizen, but the other one only has a work permit. She comes and drinks milk, then goes back to her “home”. Me: HAHAHAHA.

The PR and the Work Permit holder

I really hope that they’ll start sleeping through the night again. I’m so sleep-deprived!

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