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Silly Things We Say / Do #41

I was scrolling through my Twitter feed late last night, and came across a tweet by @MCCYsg, which is the official Twitter account of the Ministry of Culture, Community, and Youth. 

MCCYsg: Anyone knows who the acting minister for MCCY is? *I can’t remember the exact words, and this particular tweet seems to have disappeared from their account. 

Me: You don’t? 😉 *Heh. I obviously wasn’t thinking clearly before I decided to make fun of a ministry’s official Twitter account. But really, don’t you think it sounded as though they didn’t know? 

MCCYsg: Of course we do. We see him quite often. We wonder if people know. 🙂

Me: Google tells me that it’s Mr Lawrence Wong. 🙂

MCCYsg: correct! Minus points for googling though haha

C came into the room a short while later, so I decided to ask him as well.

Me: Do you know who the acting minister for MCCY is?

C: What does MCCY stand for?

Me: Erm, Ministry of something, something, and Youth. Wait, let me google it. Oh it’s Ministry of Culture, Community, and Youth.

C: Oh, that one? Lawrence Wong.

Me: Wah, not bad ah, you.

I then told him about the exchange, because I thought it was quite funny. 

Me: Funny, right? Actually I wanted to ask if there’s a prize, and what the points were for, but I decided not to.

C: In case they arrest you when you get back to Singapore is it?

Me: Hahaha. Ya.

Anyway, in my defense, I had had a long day, because Noah had decided that he didn’t want to sleep till 1230am, plus he was kicking me a lot the night before, which meant I didn’t sleep well. Also, it honestly did sound like they didn’t know who the minister was, and I just found it hilarious. Heh. Hopefully I won’t get into any trouble with the gah-men for that! 😛


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