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Silly Things We Say / Do #35 & #36

We were walking past a row of restaurants one evening, and I noticed that one of them was called ‘British India’.

Me: Hey, I thought British India sold clothes.

C: Maybe this one sells clothes and food?

Me: Don’t think so. Looks like it’s just a restaurant.

C: So what kind of food do you think they have? British or Indian? Or both? What would that be called?

Me: Bri-Indian. You know, like Briyani? Hahahaha.

C: *rolls eyes*


We were at the Adelaide Night Market and there were two musicians there performing a variety of songs.

C: *singing along* Champion supernova… Champion supernova…

Me: What ‘champion supernova’? It’s ‘champagne supernova’!

C: *embarrassed but still trying to convince me that he’s right* Isn’t there a champion in the song too?

Me: Please.

C: At least champion sounds like champagne. Better than you, right? Zao-ow-beh… (Read this post about me and my brilliant mangling of another song.)

At the Adelaide Night Market, with the musicians in the background


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