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Silly Things We Say / Do #31

I track Noah’s daily experiences on my personal Facebook page with a different photo each day. We often spend time looking through all the photos, and marvel at how much he has grown.

A few days ago, while C was in charge of watching Noah, he took this photo of Noah, which I captioned, “DJ Noah”.

DJ Noah’s in the house!


A friend asked, “Does he remix nursery rhymes?”

My reply? “Yes, into nursery whines.”

Hur hur hur. I’m very proud of my response because I came up with it on the spot, and even C, who sometimes (okay, almost always) rolls his eyes at what he considers my ‘lame jokes’, said it was funny.

PS. I wish I was joking when I said it, but sadly, I wasn’t. This child has been super, SUPER, cranky and whiny recently. We suspect he’s teething, because he’s been sticking his hands into his mouth quite a bit, more so than usual, and he’s definitely more fussy. Can’t wait for this horrible phase to be over!

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