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Silly Things We Say / Do #29 & #30

One of us is a Lang and Lit grad, while the other is an Engine grad. I think the following two conversations should make it pretty clear which one I am. 😛

C was reading this to Noah the other day.

C: Thank you God for spotty dogs and whiskey cats.

Me: Huh? Whiskey cats?

C: *looks at book again* Oh oops. Whiskery cats.

Me: Hahahahahaha!

C: I don’t want to read to him anymore. It’s too stressful reading in front of you!


C’s friend was telling him in a Whatsapp chat about the evils of Lego.

Friend Y: Do not buy Lego. They will booby trap you. Make sure you step and shout vulgarities. Small, that’s why step painful. P = F/A.

C told me about it, and the following conversation ensued.

Me: Haha. What’s P? Pain? Pain equals Force divided by Acceleration?

C: What? Pressure! Not Pain! And A is Area, not Acceleration! You need to go and write about yourself in the Silly Things, please.

Me: I only know F = ma ! Are you sure I learnt it before? Maybe it’s not O Level Physics?

C: Please. It’s basic, you definitely learnt it before.

Me: Hahaha. Okay fine. I’ll write this down, okay, so that you won’t always be the one saying the silly things.

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