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Silly Things We Say / Do #27

This series is supposed to be about the silly things both of us say and do, but if you haven’t noticed, C features a lot more in it than I do. Too bad for him that I’m the one writing these entries! 😛

Ever since Noah learnt to crawl, his resemblance to a puppy is even more uncanny. (I previously wrote a post about him thinking he’s a puppy.) One day, as Noah was crawling around with his tongue sticking out, (don’t ask me why he does that), C started singing.

C: How much is that bonnie in the window?

Me: What on earth are you singing? It’s ‘doggie’, not ‘bonnie’!

C: Huh? But it’s ‘My bonnie lies over the ocean’ what.

Me: Yes, but they are completely different songs.

C: I don’t care. I’ll sing whatever I want. How much is that bonnie in the window? What’s the next line?

Me: *rolls eyes* I think I need to buy one of those nursery rhymes books. For you, not for Noah. And maybe start playing the nursery rhymes CD in the car.

Noah crawling around like a ‘bonnie’

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