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Silly Things We Say / Do #25

We were at the ELC store in Hong Kong when I spotted a wooden Noah’s Ark toy set. I got my mum to check out its price in the Singapore store, and when she told me that it was about $30 more, I asked C if we could buy it in Hong Kong.

Me: Shall we get this? It’s so much cheaper here!

C: What is it for?

Me: It’s Noah’s ark! See? There are six pairs of animals, and even Noah and his wife.

C: But what is he supposed to do with it? *looks at the box* Looks like it’s just for him to put the animals in the hole there. Quite useless, right?

Me: But it’s so cute!

C: You just want to get it because it’s his name, right? Good thing we didn’t name him ‘Transformers’, or you’ll want to buy all the transformers for him.

Me: Transformers? Who names their kid transformers? Transformers Tan. Sounds so silly.

C: It’s just an example…

Me: Yes, but of all the names out there, you had to choose ‘transformers’ for your example?

For the record, C’s reasoning worked, and we didn’t buy the Noah’s ark. I conceded that we could just give him a container and a bunch of toys to throw it, and it would serve the same purpose.

The cute, but impractical Noah’s ark

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