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Review: Sami Sami at Ayana Resort and Spa

During our Bali holiday, we ate at the various restaurants in our hotel quite a bit, because it was more convenient to do so. However, we made an exception for Sami Sami at Ayana Resort and Spa, because C did some research and said the food there was supposed to be really good. Plus the famous Rock Bar is located in Ayana, right next to Sami Sami, which meant that we could enjoy the view while we ate.

We have a soft spot for good Italian food, which is what Ayana is known for. I took a really long time trying to decide what I wanted to eat, because everything on the menu sounded so yummy! They also offer kids’ meals, so don’t forget to ask for it if you’re bringing your kids along. All of us really liked the bread in the complimentary bread basket, and N ate so much bread that he couldn’t finish his Mac and Cheese. Oops.

Bread Basket

N’s Mac & Cheese

We first ate at Sami Sami after our visit to the Bali Safari Marine Park, but we were too hungry then to take photos of our food. We then decided to have our lunch at Sami Sami the next day before heading to the airport, and it was a great decision, because we got to try more dishes there. The pastas we tried on both occasions were all excellent, and I honestly cannot tell you which one I would choose on our next visit (yes we are definitely going back!). We also shared a pizza, which was pretty good, but I think the pastas were better.

Stracci pasticciati con ragu e porcini

Spaghetti aragosta

Fettucine al salmone

Pizza Di mare

Our little family at Sami Sami

We really appreciated the accommodating and attentive staff at Sami Sami. They prepared mashed broccoli for the babies during our first meal there, as I didn’t bring the babies’ food along. They also checked on us regularly during our meal, and offered helpful suggestions when we couldn’t decide what to eat. The view there is supposed to be spectacular at night, and I could see why, since we were already impressed by it during the day. It’s definitely a restaurant worth eating at, for both the amazing view and the tasty food. We’ll be back for sure!

Sami Sami AYANA Resort and Spa, BALI Jl. Karang Mas Sejahtera Jimbaran, Bali 80364, Indonesia (0361) 702222

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