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Review: Katsumoto

We’ve been looking for good Asian food, and a friend recommended Katsumoto to us. He told us that it had pretty authentic Japanese rice bowls, and that he’s seen Japanese customers at the restaurant each time he visited it. That, to us, was a sign that the food was good, so we decided to try it for ourselves.

The restaurant was a little difficult to find, as our friend gave us rather vague instructions: “It’s in one of the arcades, either before or after Kmart. I think it’s called Adelaide Arcade, but I’m not sure.” Guys. Tsk.

As Katsumoto is located within Gays Arcade, which is actually one of the side alleys within Adelaide Arcade, we actually missed it the first time we entered Adelaide Arcade. The alley is filled with tables and chairs from the cafe situated in the middle, so you might not notice the nondescript little Japanese restaurant if you’re not really looking for it.

Waiting for our food outside Katsumoto one Friday evening 


So far, we’ve tried three of the rice bowls, as well as their side dishes, such as the dumpling soup, spring rolls, and potato korroke. No photos of the side dishes, but if you had to try just one of them, I would recommend the potato korroke. Our spring rolls were over-fried, and slightly burnt, but we enjoyed the potato korroke, which was filled with fluffy mashed potato.

The Toriteriyaki Don set is served with strips of omelette, as compared to the Toriteriyaki set, which is served with a simple salad instead. The chicken was well grilled, with nice, crispy skin, without drying out the meat. This is probably my favourite rice bowl of the three that we tried.

Toriteriyaki Don set 


The Oyako Don set was also pretty tasty, with the egg cooked thoroughly, yet not overcooked. The chicken pieces were also generally juicy, although some were a tad dry. They were also kind enough to oblige when I requested for mine to be done without onions.

Oyako Don Set 


I didn’t enjoy the Katsu Don set very much, but I think it’s probably because I’ve been spoilt by the ones I’ve indulged in back in Singapore. Again, no onions or spring onions in mine.

Katsu Don Set 


We’ll probably visit Katsumoto again one day, because it’s not very expensive, and serves decent Japanese rice bowls, but the lack of high chairs is a big problem for us, and we had to take turns holding on to the little boy throughout our meal, because he refused to sit in his stroller while we ate. Be prepared to wait for your food if you go during lunch time too, as I think that’s probably their peak period. The place was really quiet when we went on a Friday night, but we still had to wait for some time for our food.

All you need to know about Katsumoto 


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