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Review, Discount Code, & Giveaway: Poolzies

Noah has recently discovered the joy of water playgrounds, and if you read my post on the Tampines 1 Water Playground, you might have noticed that he was wearing something unique on his feet in all the photos. (If you look closely, one of his friends is also wearing them!) 

Poolzies are anti-slip Pool Shoes, specially designed for little feet when they walk and play around wet areas. They can walk, run, jump, swim, and even hike with ease, when they’ve got their Poolzies on, and parents can rest assured that the Poolzies will prevent their children from slips, falls, and cuts. (For more on how Poolzies came about, please read their story here.)

Noah’s Poolzies


Some of the other designs

Poolzies 1

All about Poolzies

Poolzies 2

Noah first wore his Poolzies when we went to Penang recently, and happily walked from our hotel room to the pool in them. I’m glad that they are non-slip, because he was walking and jumping around in the pool a lot! I also felt more comfortable knowing that his feet were protected, especially when he was walking on uneven, rough surfaces.

From hotel room…


… to the swimming pool!


He next wore them when we visited the Tampines 1 Water Playground, and I think part of the reason why he stayed there for so long was because he had his Poolzies to protect him from the hot floor. I struggled to stand on some parts of the water playground, because the floor was too hot for me, but Noah didn’t seem to have any problems at all. Poolzies also have a UPF50+ protection from the sun, so you don’t have to worry about using sunblock on your children’s feet.

Standing on the hot surface as he played 


Getting his Poolzies thoroughly wet




Noah also had no difficulties climbing up the steps of the slides at both the dry and wet areas, thanks to the non-slip soles.

Climbing with ease





The soaked Poolzies. They dried up pretty quickly when we got home!


I’m glad that Noah has his Poolzies when he plays at water playgrounds or when he goes swimming, though I wish they came in bigger sizes, so that I can get a pair too! We had no problems with the security guard at the Tampines 1 Water Playground, but I’ve heard that public swimming pools and certain water playgrounds, such as Gardens by the Bay, don’t allow Poolzies to be worn there. The owners of Poolzies are working to get them approved for use in these areas, and hopefully, that will happen really soon!


Want to buy a pair (or more) of Poolzies? Shop online now at Poolzies, and use the code ‘GWTT10PZ’ at Checkout to get 10% off! This discount code is valid from now until 31 Dec 2014. International shipping is available.

PS. I think they’ll make practical and unique Christmas gifts too. Happy shopping!


I have two pairs of Poolzies to give away! All you have to do is to follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below. This is an international giveaway, and will end on Monday, 17 November 2014, at 2359h. Good luck!


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