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Review, Discount Code, and Giveaway: NoQ Store

If you’ve been following this blog for some time, you would have noticed that books feature quite a bit here. The hubs and I both enjoy reading, though we favour different genres, and I’m glad that Noah seems to have inherited our love for reading. (Check out the list of our recommended board books here.) 

I usually shop online for Noah’s books, as it’s hard to browse in a physical bookstore with an active toddler. He goes around pulling books off the shelves, and insisting that I read him a particular book there and then, which makes it difficult for me to shop properly. I like reading reviews of the books before purchasing them, and the auntie in me wants to compare prices as well, to make sure I get the best deal. Online shopping allows me to do both with ease, all without having to get dressed up, and at any time I like.

The NoQ Store 

NoQ Store Site

The NoQ Store (No Queue! Heh heh.) has an extremely wide variety of books, (a whooping 14 million titles at up to 50% off, according to their header), and I spent numerous hours trying to select a few books for Noah. I think I had twenty books in my cart, before narrowing down the list to just five books, and putting the rest on my Wish List. I wanted a good mix of books that would appeal to Noah, so I selected some books with simple rhymes, a lift-the-flap book, a puppet book, and a sound book. I don’t think I’ve seen these titles in local bookstores, so I really appreciated having such a huge collection to choose from.

My final order 

NoQ Store Order

Most, if not all, of the titles I viewed provided an overview, ie synopsis of the book, which is essential for book shopping, because, you know, you can’t judge a book by its cover. ;P However, very few had information in the ‘Editorial Reviews’ and ‘Reviews’ tab, and I had to search for reviews on Amazon instead.

I also used to compare book prices, and was pleased to see that the prices offered by NoQ Store were usually among the top three. (Tip: When using, search for titles using the ISBN, so that you get the exact book that you’re looking for, instantly.) Do note that the prices shown on NoQ Store are before tax.

Sample price comparison done by 

NoQ Store Price Comparison

Shipping is free in Singapore, with a minimum $20 order, and is supposed to take 7 to 14 business days, which doesn’t include weekends and public holidays. (When I order books from Book Depository or Fishpond, the items are delivered via post, and the delivery time is usually about two weeks.) Delivery is done via courier, and because we are still based overseas, I arranged for the books to be delivered to my mum’s office. They were supposed to arrive on the eve of CNY, but as I was unable to change the delivery address, the books were delivered after the CNY break instead. To be fair, this delay probably wouldn’t have occurred if we were in Singapore, and the books could be directly sent to our home instead. If you’re in urgent need of a particular book, you’re probably better off shopping in a physical bookstore, than an online one. However, if you aren’t in a hurry, and want a much wider variety of books to choose from, and at better prices, do check out the NoQ Store to get your book fix.

PS. Do check back soon for our review on the books purchased, as well as reviews on other children and parenting books.



Use discount code GWTTANS for a 15% discount on all purchases, as well as free shipping, made via the NoQ Store website and Mobile App.

– Promotion valid from now to 30 April 2014. – Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers and discounts. – Promotion code can only be applied upon checkout and not to orders already placed. – Promotion is not applicable to tax charges.



One lucky reader will win a S$20 voucher from the NoQ Store! To participate, just follow the instructions in the widget below. Good luck!

Closing Date: 20 February 2014, 2359h 


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