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Review: Chianti Classico

We celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary on Sunday, with lunch at a lovely Italian restaurant, Chianti Classico. As with all our other celebrations, Noah tagged along, and C made sure that the restaurant had a high-chair for Noah when he called to make reservations.

Noah woke up earlier than expected from his morning nap, so we got to the restaurant before 1230pm, and were told that we could be seated and order some drinks while waiting for the kitchen to open at 1230pm. We were given a nice corner table, which I was thankful for, because I was worried that some of the other customers might not quite enjoy being seated near a baby. (We had a lady giving us dirty looks during one of our meals at another Italian restaurant recently, because Noah was happily bouncing around in the high-chair, which made the chair squeak noisily.)

For starters, we shared the Duetto di Calamari e Gamberi ($22.90), which is basically fried calamari and prawns, with some (I’m guessing) steamed calamari, stuffed with some fried prawn paste. I can’t remember what the exact components of the dish were, but the seafood was fresh and well-prepared, as was the sauce that came with it. We even dipped some of the bread into the sauce, because we enjoyed it so much!

Duetto di Calamari e Gamberi 


C ordered the Pasta Special ($32.90), which came in a light cream sauce, with prawns, spinach, and peas, topped with very crispy pancetta. He found the portion size a tad small, especially when he compared it to my pasta dish. Nevertheless, it was quite a good dish, though I think he’ll order something else the next time.


My Tagliolini con Granchio ($33.90) was, in a word, excellent. They were generous with the chunks of swimmer crab meat, and the tomato cream sauce was full of flavour. It reminded me of my favourite dish at Valentino’s in Singapore, and I was very glad that I chose it.

Tagliolini con Granchio 


Noah in his high chair


Happy sixth anniversary to us! 


All in all, it was a delightful meal, and we are already planning to visit the restaurant again to try some of the other dishes that we spotted the other diners having.

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