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Review: Cafe Troppo

We had brunch with our visiting friends at Cafe Troppo recently, and enjoyed the food so much that it has become our new to-go place for breakfast or brunch. The best part? It’s within walking distance of our new place. 😉 

Our friends love the iced chai tea, which comes with a scoop of ice-cream, and was perfect for the hot weather we were having a while ago. We aren’t coffee drinkers, but our friends are, and they seemed to really like the flat white at Troppo too.

Iced chai tea*

Iced Chai Tea

Weekend brunch (clockwise from top left: coffee, handmade muesli, eggs n sausage with extra bacon, waffles with nectarines, peaches, cream, and honey)*

Weekend brunch

Their menu changes quite frequently, and you can see it here. On weekends, they have a brunch menu, which includes pretty yummy homemade waffles. I’m really into waffles, so whenever we go somewhere with waffles on the menu, I’ll most likely order them. There are different flavours every week, and the first one I tried was served with peaches, nectarines, macadamia nuts, cream, and honey. Our friend, who ordered his before we got there, didn’t get the macadamia nuts on his waffles, which was a real pity, because I thought they were a great addition. Recently, I had the chocolate chip waffles, which came with strawberries, cream, and honey. Yummy!



C had the chilli eggs on both occasions, because he liked it so much the first time we were there. Looks like we’re both pretty ‘comfort zone’ people, huh? ;P

We’ve also tried the Bacon + Egg Bap, as well as the Baked Eggs (which were scrambled because that’s my preferred choice), and came to the conclusion that they really do their eggs very well. Everything was very tasty, though I found the spinach to be a tad too erm, ‘spinachy’. Somehow, the taste was really strong, and even though I normally eat spinach, I couldn’t finish this.

Bacon + Egg Bap (on toast)


Baked Eggs (that were scrambled) 


Personally, I didn’t quite enjoy the iced chocolate, and would have preferred to have a lot more chocolate in it. Their grapefruit soda wasn’t to our liking either, and their fruit yogurt smoothie was so-so. I guess they are probably better with their coffee, since most people seemed to be either having coffee, tea, or fruit juice there.

*Photo courtesy of our friend, S.


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