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Review: Bar 9 at Glen Osmond Road, Adelaide

Brunch seems like a very popular meal here in Australia (actually, it’s probably popular everywhere, just that we never got around to going for brunch back in Singapore) and we met up with our friends for brunch on a Saturday morning. One of them had been to Bar 9 before, and wanted to eat there again, so off we went.

Bar 9 was located along a pretty quiet (on a Saturday morning) stretch of road, and we were surprised to see how packed it was. We were fortunate enough to get a table for the four (plus one baby) of us, but the two highchairs they had were already being used, so we had to take turns carrying Noah. I noticed at least two other groups having the same problem with their little ones, so hopefully, the management of the cafe will decide to get more highchairs to cater to young families.

I love how adorable the menus are! Old-school storybook covers, with the menu hidden inside.


Bar 9 is famous for its coffee, so my three brunch companions ordered different types of coffee. C had a glass of iced coffee, and we were surprised that it was basically a glass of ice-cream, with coffee added on top of it. Apparently, that’s how they make iced coffee here! I instantly regretted ordering hot chocolate instead of iced, and even more so when I heard they use chocolate ice-cream for it. I’m definitely going to order that the next time we eat there.

Freshly brewed coffee


Hot chocolate


For our mains, we had the Runcimans Breakfast (breakfast of champions: bacon, eggs, tomato, and swiss brown mushrooms), Creamy Truffled Mushroom Ragu (served on toast with poached/scrambled eggs and finished with truffled honey), and the Australian Blue Swimmer Crab (in Thai green curry scramble with Asian greens).

I think the Runcimans Breakfast was the most ordinary of the lot. It was decent, but why order it when there are so many other interesting options available?

Breakfast of Champions, $17


Our friend D, and I ordered the same dish, but I opted for scrambled eggs instead, as I’m not a fan of poached eggs. D, on the other hand, said the poached eggs were very well done, and that he was very happy with them. The entire dish was very flavourful, though I got a little sick of the scrambled eggs towards the end of my meal, as there was just too much of it.

Mushroom ragu with poached eggs, $18


Mushroom ragu with scrambled eggs, $18


The three guys agreed that the crab was the best dish, though D felt that it didn’t really seem like a ‘brunch dish’. They really enjoyed the green curry, and couldn’t get enough of it, despite having ordered extra curry. We were all quite amused that the Asian greens were merely the garnishing vegetables on top of the dish, rather than a salad or something to that effect.

Australian blue swimmer crab with extra green curry and ‘Asian greens’, $17


There were a couple of interesting items on the Specials board, which we didn’t notice before we placed our order, so we’ll probably visit again soon!

Bar 9 96 Glen Osmond Road, Parkside SA 5063 Mon to Fri 730am to 4pm Sat & Sun 830am to 2pm


PS. Bar 9 has another outlet located in the basement of David Jones, at Rundle Mall, but its menu is slightly different. We were disappointed to see that the Mushroom Ragu and the Swimmer Crab dishes were both unavailable there, and decided to wait till we had the opportunity to visit the one at Glen Osmond instead.

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