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Product Review – Mii 5oz ForEver Training Cup

Noah started eating solids when he turned six months old and needed to also begin drinking plenty of water to avoid being constipated. I struggled with the Mag Mag cup initially and was getting stressed about ensuring that Noah drank enough water. Thankfully, I received a Mii 5oz ForEver Training Cup for review and was saved from the mind-numbing and repetitive chore of feeding Noah water with a teaspoon.

The Pretty Packaging (Because it matters to me)

There are four different colour combinations of the Mii 5oz ForEver Training Cup, and I was torn between the navy blue-yellow and the yellow-orange. I finally decided on the latter as I liked how bright and cheery it looked. However, on hindsight, the navy blue-yellow one might have been a better choice as C’s friend asked if Noah was drinking oil, (don’t ask me what’s wrong with his friend), while my mum thought we were giving Noah honey.

Mii 5oz ForEver Training Cup

ForEver 1

I find the design really cute! The cup looks as though it’s wearing a top hat, while the long handles resemble its arms. Noah likes holding the cup handles on his own and I’m glad that these handles are the perfect size and length for little hands. The cover is very tight so you won’t have to worry about it coming off accidentally. Initially, we had a bit of trouble removing the cover, but quickly figured out that it has to be wriggled off. The spout ring has to be properly screwed onto the cup, and it won’t come off with the cover. Of course, not everyone will have problems with the spout and cover. It’s probably just me, if you remember my experience with the Mag Mag cup!

When we first gave Noah the Mag Mag cup, we were perpetually wondering if he was even drinking any water, as the markings on the cup are quite vague. Noah doesn’t drink from a milk bottle, so I was worried that he wouldn’t know how to suck the water from the spout properly. The Mii ForEver Training Cup has clear markings that are broken down into 10ml intervals, which makes it a lot easier for me to track Noah’s water intake. This might seem like a minor point, but trust me, it matters to new parents like us!

Clear markings for newbies

ForEver 2

The Mii ForEver Training Cup uses a unique spout made from 100% food grade silicone, and is both BPA and EA free. The soft silicone provides comfort for delicate gums and is flexible, which means that babies can twist the spout around in their mouths without getting injured. Mii spouts do not leak, even when you turn the cup upside-down, because they are designed to make the weaning process easy and mess-free. The Flutter Flex Vent is a one piece venting system that properly distributes air through the cup, to allow seamless drinking and easy flow. The proper venting also reduces the occurrence of gas and colic like symptoms.

The Flutter Flex Vent

ForEver 3

As mentioned earlier, I was concerned that Noah wouldn’t know how to drink from the spout properly, but my fears were unwarranted. After a few tries, I saw him swallowing, and a quick check of the markings on the bottle showed that there was less water in the cup. He’s been using the cup happily for more than two weeks now, and the only problem I have is trying to stop him from spitting out the water, rather than sucking water out of the cup. Sigh. He’s very playful and thinks it’s funny to have water trickling down his chin while mummy frantically tries to keep him dry.

Noah and his Mii ForEver Training Cup

Noah ForEver

Additional information about the Mii 5oz ForEver Training Cup:

The Mii ForEver Training Cup is made of ForEverTM, powered by EMS Grivory TR-90 polyamide from Switzerland, manufactured in China, and is safe for infants. It is light, unbreakable, and has been tested BPA and EA free against 80,000 chemicals suspected of estrogenic activity. It also has exceptional resistance to extreme temperatures and can be sterilized.


Mii Baby products can be found at:

Bebe Avenue (

Boo-tiful @ Level 2, Millenia Walk

Moo Moo Kow (

Emokids (

Retail Price: Mii 5oz ForEver Training Cup – S$19.90


Get 20% off all Mii ForEver products at Bebe Avenue.

Enter the code GWTT13 during checkout for your discount.

Promotion valid till 6 March 2013.


Bebe Avenue – Booth B20, Singapore Expo Hall 6

Mii 5oz ForEver Training Cup – $15

Mii 9oz ForEver Training Cup – $17

Bundle Pack Mii 5oz + 9oz ForEver Training Cups – $30

All purchases at the Bebe Avenue Booth will be entitled to a lucky draw.



Disclosure: I received a Mii 5oz ForEver Training Cup for review. All opinions are my own.

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