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Playdate #2

Our second play date was a smaller affair compared to our first, with just three kids. It also meant that we were able to complete the different portions of the sessions quite quickly, and the mums made a last-minute decision to skip playground time, and head to Ikea for lunch and some play-time instead. 

We started off the session with the Practical Life stations, but for some reason, all three kids weren’t interested in doing anything much with them, so we decided to move on to the Welcome Song and Circle Time.

This term’s theme is on colours and shapes, so mummy C showed the children some coloured wooden blocks, highlighting colours like yellow, orange, blue, green, and purple, before getting them to pick out some blocks from the box.

Learning about shapes and colours during Circle Time




Guess who was easily distracted?



I really enjoyed today’s Story Time, and I think the kids did too, because they were all focused on the book. Mummy L was extremely creative, and incorporated a hands-on bit to the story, by letting the children touch and eat the fruits and vegetables listed in the book. I tried reading them a book about Grug and his garden after that, but erm, the kids ran away. Guess I’ve got to try harder next time!

Materials for Story Time (with missing grapes and blueberries, which were all gobbled up by the kids) 


Listening to the story with rapt attention


“You pick it, and eat it!”


The craft session was also conducted by mummy L, who prepared some potatoes, corn, and carrots, for stamping with paint. Noah loved this, and was really busy getting himself and his sheet of paper covered in paint. Mummy L was also very creative in using two sheets of recycled paper for each child, and taping them together with pretty washi tape. I thought it was a good idea, as the extra layer prevented the paint from soaking through completely, especially since Noah’s sheet was almost entirely covered in paint.

Craft Time







The three completed pieces. Guess which one is Noah’s!


After getting the kids cleaned up, (thank goodness I didn’t dress Noah in anything white today), we sang two simple action songs (‘This is the Way’ and ‘The Wheels on the Bus’) with them, and got them to do the actions together. I think it helps that the actions were really simple, and that the songs were very familiar, as the kids were quite cooperative.

Noah enjoyed today’s snack a little more, although he didn’t finish his food again. He had a couple of spoonfuls of the corn, and I think he had one grape and one blueberry. I enjoyed his cupcake on his behalf, since he only took a tiny bite of it.

Snack Time


Finally, the kids practised taking turns, and identifying shapes again, as they did their relay race. This time round, they were given the option of selecting either a circle or a square, and had to place their chosen shape into the respective container. I was honestly surprised that they were all able to do it without any help or prompting, which goes to show that they really do know the difference between the two shapes.

Run, Noah, run! 

Dropping the circle into the correct container


Playground time was moved to Ikea, and the kids played for a while before having their lunch. Noah was able to finish the entire kid’s portion of pasta, which is an achievement to me. He loved playing with the kitchen set in the showroom, and spent more time there than with the cars, to my surprise. I think it’s because he had his friend F for company! 😉





I’m glad that the kids seem to be able to get along with each other, and I do hope that these playdates are helping to build up Noah’s confidence around children his own age, as he tends to be a little more reserved around them.

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