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Perth with Kids (Part 5: Failed Whale Watching Attempt, Eagles Heritage, Margaret River Walk &

It was still drizzling on our second full day in Margaret River, so we decided to go for a nice breakfast at The White Elephant Beach Cafe. C was hoping to be able to see some whales at the cafe as it is right next to the beach, and there have been whale sightings there previously, but unfortunately, the weather wasn’t great, and the whales didn’t show up. (We didn’t go on a whale-watching cruise as I get seasick very easily.)

The food was pretty good, and the kids enjoyed the small play area in the corner of the cafe, so I think it’s still worth visiting if you’re looking for a nice breakfast place with a view. C tried taking an artistic photo of me, but I just looked like I was admiring the chair outside.

We Drove to Eagles Heritage after breakfast, and really liked how unique the place was. We walked along the forest trail, and admired the different birds of prey housed in large cages that dotted the path. The kids enjoyed trying to spot the birds, as they were often hiding at the back, and some were really well-camouflaged! My personal favourite was the barking owl, as it barked almost non-stop when we were standing in front of its cage. The tawny frogmouth was a close second, as it looked really cute, and resembled part of the tree stump that it was standing on.

The twins starting whining about halfway through the walk, and didn’t want to walk on their own, so C had to carry them for a while. Thankfully, N didn’t mind the long walk, although he stopped frequently to look for insects.

The highlight of our visit to Eagles Heritage was definitely the talk conducted by Philip, as he had so many interesting nuggets of information to share with us. He brought along Ivy the barn owl, and three of us took turns holding her. We also got to watch how three of the kites flew around before swooping down to grab the food that Philip provided, and were amused when the kites flew away despite Philip’s calls. It was a good example of how they were wild birds of prey after all.

We didn’t have anything else planned for the day, so we stopped by The Margaret River Dairy Company for some yogurt and ice-cream, before going back to our AirBnB for a rest.

In the evening, we went for a longer walk along Margaret River, in the forested area behind our AirBnB. Didi was extremely whiny and didn’t want to walk, so he spent a lot of time crying and running after me. At least the other two were happy to walk and explore! N even spotted an animal (we think it might be a quokka) digging for food, while C got pecked by an aggressive duck (it ran up to him unprovoked while he was seated and pecked his leg). HAHAHAHA.

Dinner was at the nearby La Scarpetta, where we enjoyed really good Italian food.

We ended our day at my happy place: the nearby Woolworths supermarket, to get more yogurt and strawberries for the kids, as well as random snacks for the adults. I love the Aussie supermarkets and can spend ages inside, but it was hard to do that with three kids constantly asking if they could have this or that. Oh well.

I’ve got one last post to round up our trip, but I can safely say that this was probably one of our busiest trips with the kids!

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