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Legoland® Malaysia Tips

After our very action-packed holiday in Perth, you’d think we would take things easy for a long time, but noooo… we decided to challenge ourselves by going to Legoland® Malaysia two weekends after we returned from Perth!

Since it was our first ever trip to Legoland® Malaysia, we booked a private car transfer from Singapore to Johor Bahru via Klook, and it was the best decision ever, I tell you. We opted for the Round-Trip Transfer (City), which meant that the driver would pick us up directly from our home on Saturday morning, and drop us off at home on Sunday evening. All the convenience of driving in by ourselves, without the hassle of actually having to drive.

I was a real noob and thought we could leave home at 9am, since the park only opened at 10am, but C told me to change my booking to 7am instead. I contacted the Klook customer support online and they changed the pick-up timing to 7am for me quite quickly. However, after talking to some Legoland “veterans”, we figured we should leave at 630am instead, just in case the traffic was bad. I had to contact the private car transport company operator directly via WA to change the time again, and he was very efficient in arranging for the earlier pick-up time. There’s an additional $10 surcharge for pick-up timings between 11pm to 7am, which I felt was quite reasonable.

Our driver sent me a WhatsApp message early on Saturday morning to say that he was on his way to pick us up, and arrived slightly earlier than the agreed 630am. He told us that traffic can get quite bad sometimes, and that he would have suggested leaving at 630am if we didn’t change our pick-up time on our own. Thank goodness we left at 630am, because traffic at the Singapore Customs side was bad by the time we got there at 717am. We took two hours to clear both the Singapore and Malaysia Customs, and got to Legoland® Malaysia at 930am.

Legoland® Malaysia opens at 10am daily, so we left our bags at the hotel’s designated luggage storage room, and headed into the park. We got the 2 Day Combo (Theme Park + Water Park + Sea Life) from Klook, which allowed us multiple re-entries into ALL THREE parks on BOTH days. We just had to present our tickets each time we wanted to enter any of the parks, and that was it. We could go back to the hotel to rest in between, and on our second day, we visited all three parks because we just couldn’t get enough (more on that later).

I didn’t really do much research before our trip, because the twins were recovering from a virus at home the entire week, so all I did was to check out the map HERE and got some tips from a friend who visits Legoland® frequently. (I’ve compiled our top 10 tips at the end of this post, and shared our photos and videos of our trip on my IG Highlights under Klook Legoland, for easy reference.)

We headed straight to Lego® City for the Driving School and Junior Driving School, and there was not much of a queue at both. The kids had their photos taken for their driving licenses but you’ll have to pay RM25 to purchase a license for them. We completely forgot to buy them, but thankfully, the kids didn’t know about it and didn’t ask for their licenses.

N had to go for a “lesson” before he could drive, so the twins were done with their drives before he even started driving. Didi enjoyed his driving experience so much that he went for a second round, while Meimei stayed with me to watch N drive. The twins crashed into the other cars/barriers a couple of times, but I think the staff on duty must be very used to such “accidents”, as they went around “rescuing” the kids quite quickly.

The Boating School was closed for maintenance, so we went to the LEGO Rescue Academy. The twins were too young for this (minimum age 4) so we waited outside to watch C and N. I was actually supposed to go in with N, but some of my friends told me that this was quite an exhausting activity, so I made C go instead. I couldn’t stop laughing as I watched how hard he had to work to first get the fire truck to move, and then to get the water pressure up for N to put out the “fire” with the water hose.

The LEGO City Airport was nearby, and there was no queue, so we went on that ride next. N could ride it on his own, while the twins had to be accompanied by an adult each. They all had fun pushing the lever to make the plane fly up and down, and were busy pretending to shoot at each other during the ride. We queued to go on it a second time, since they had so much fun. C and I swapped kids, and I realised that Didi was a lot more of a thrill-seeker than Meimei was, because he kept trying to make the plane go up, and didn’t want it to go down at all.

N loves Ninjago®, so we walked through the Land of Adventure to visit the LEGO® Ninjago® World first. The twins were too short/young for the Ninjago® ride, so we hung out in the gift shop before going to check out the scoreboard. C and N rode the ride together, and although N said it was quite fun, he didn’t want to go for it again. The indoor 4D ride uses hand gesture sensors for the game, and riders have to wear 3D glasses too.

“Hey, it’s Master Wu!”

The Imagination section had the most number of things for the twins to do, as the DUPLO® Playtown is there. They were very excited to ride the DUPLO® Express, and went on two consecutive rounds because there wasn’t a queue. They had to be accompanied by an adult because of their age and height, so I was the designated parent for this ride. N got bored really quickly and was most dismayed when the staff gave us an extra ride. Check out his glum face vs the twins’ excited ones! Hahahaha.

DUPLO® Playtown is basically a large indoor playground for younger kids, and the twins spent ages playing there. N got bored after a while, so C brought him to the Land of Adventure for the Lost Kingdom Adventure ride.

The Lost Kingdom Adventure ride was definitely N’s favourite ride in the entire theme park. We had to shoot a laser gun at various targets, and were in constant competition to see who could get the highest score. The twins found the ride scary, as there were sections in complete darkness, as well as slightly scary-looking moving characters, so they refused to go on it after the first round.

After a few rounds, the twins started complaining that they were hungry, so we decided to go for a quick lunch at the Mall of Medini outside the theme park, before checking into our hotel. The Legoland® hotel was perfect for our trip, since it was so conveniently located. Detailed review of the hotel in my next post!

After all of us took a short nap, we went back into the Legoland® theme park to cover the other half of it, beginning with the LEGO® TECHNIC® section. Neither C nor I had the guts to accompany N on The Great LEGO® Race, and we didn’t want to get wet at the AQUAZONE® Wave Racers, so we visited the LEGO® Star Wars™ Miniland instead. N is a huge Star Wars fan, so it was quite a treat to see all the models and scenes from all six episodes. The twins weren’t able to appreciate it, but they did like pressing the buttons to trigger the sound, action and lighting effects.

The kids went absolutely crazy playing at The Forestmen’s Hideout in LEGO® Kingdoms. This large outdoor playground has many climbing structures, so C had to follow the twins around to help them at some areas.

The Forestmen’s Hideout is in between two rollercoaster rides: The Dragon and Dragon’s Apprentice, so we could hear all the screams from both rides. N mustered up the courage to try the Dragon’s Apprentice with C, and we were so proud of him for going on his first ever rollercoaster ride.

The twins love riding horses, and were looking forward to going on the Royal Joust, but unfortunately, the minimum age for this was 4 years old, and I just couldn’t bring myself to lie about their age. They were so disappointed, so I had to bring them on a walk while C stayed with N.

Merlin’s Challenge was next, but they were too short. SIGH. N had a great time though!

We walked back to the Imagination area, so that we could all go on the Observation Tower, before watching a 4D show at LEGO® Studios. C also brought the twins for another ride on the DUPLO® Express, while N and I tried out the Kids Power Tower. I confess I was a bit freaked out at how high we went on the Kids Power Tower, but N wasn’t scared at all, and kept urging me to go higher.

It was almost 7pm (the parks close at 7pm on Saturdays but at 6pm on all other days) but N wanted to go on the Dino Island ride before we left. My friend told me to bring disposable ponchos for this ride, as the ponchos at Legoland itself were pricier. The twins and I waited on the bridge directly in front of the almost vertical drop, to cheer Daddy and KorKor on. It looked really scary, but N had a lot of fun and was most amused that his butt got wet.

Pharaoh’s Revenge was already closed as we were walking out, but N really wanted to try it out, so we checked it out the next day. He liked shooting the balls around, but the sounds made were too loud for the twins, and they rushed out of the play area shortly after entering it.

We walked through Miniland to exit the theme park, and had a great time admiring all the different LEGO® creations. N really wanted a pirate ship after seeing the huge one on display, but we couldn’t find any pirate-themed LEGO® in the different gift shops there.

Surprisingly, we weren’t THAT tired after our first day, probably because we all took a nap after lunch. There was so much to see and do that we decided to pop back into the theme park again the next day, because we didn’t manage to cover some areas.

The water park opens at 10am daily, so we were able to have a leisurely breakfast before heading in. The twins hung out at the DUPLO® Splash Safari, while C brought N to play at the Joker Soaker.

Meimei loved the red slide in the DUPLO® Splash Safari because it was very fast, but Didi was too chicken, and only went on the super small blue slide. Meimei even tried one of the smaller slides in Joker Soaker, but Didi absolutely refused to even climb up the stairs. N had no qualms about going on ALL the slides in Joker Soaker, and had tons of fun.

All of us went to the Build-A-Raft River, though we ensured that the twins wore the safety life vests provided, and put them on the large floats in the river. We had to keep N close to us even though he can swim, because the river current was quite strong, and we didn’t want him getting swept away.

C and N went on the Red Rush, and N loved it so much that he made me go on it again with him. The two of them also tried the Tidal Tube, and N went on it alone a few times after that, before going on the Twin Chasers (which he said wasn’t as fun). N wanted to try out the other slides as well, but the twins were bored, even after playing at the Build-A-Boat section while waiting for N to be done with his rides, so we left to get changed before visiting SEA LIFE Malaysia.

SEA LIFE Malaysia is quite a small aquarium, but I would still recommend visiting it, mainly because there are guides stationed at every station. They shared very interesting bits of information about the various exhibits, and we really liked that. There was also a brief talk/show that we attended, though I think the twins were more fascinated by the stingrays swimming in the tank below the presenter’s stage.

There were interactive and educational games around the aquarium, which were perfect for N. All three kids loved the Amazing Creations zone where they could colour their favourite sea creatures and watch them come to life on the screens.

The kids really enjoyed touching the sea stars at the Rock Pool, and N even experienced having a cleaner shrimp “clean” his hand!

What makes SEA LIFE Malaysia unique is the fact that LEGO® features can be found all around the aquarium. Didi loves all the LEGO® figures and would run excitedly yelling, “My friend! It’s my friend!” whenever he spotted one.

We had lunch at Old Town White Coffee at the Mall of Medini, which was way better than what we ate at The Chix Rice Shop the day before. It started drizzling while we were eating, so we spent some time shopping in the hotel’s LEGO® store, before heading back into the theme park.

The kids all loved going around the park in the LEGOLAND® Express, pointing out their favourite activities, and asking to go back to some of them. We walked around after the 10-minute ride, and went back for yet another round at the Lost Kingdom Adventure. The Shipyard looked like a rather nice outdoor playground, but it started drizzling again, so we had to give that a miss too.

We left Legoland® reluctantly at 4pm to make the drive back to Singapore. Our driver arrived before the designated time, which was a real bonus, and he even got us some snacks for the long drive. We took about 2 hours to get home, as there was a slight jam at the Customs, but all in all, it was a superb trip for all of us.

We will definitely visit Legoland® again, as there are just so many activities to be done! We didn’t cover a few areas because they were either closed for maintenance or the timings didn’t suit us, so hopefully, we will be able to do even more on our next few visits.

PS. Here are our top 10 Legoland® Malaysia tips, just in case you felt overwhelmed after the first few paragraphs of this post. Look out for my post on the Legoland® hotel next!

OUR TOP 10 LEGOLAND® MALAYSIA TIPS 1. Book a private car transfer from SG to JB via Klook HERE. Choose a luxury car if you have three or more kids. Ask for an earlier pick-up time (top-up $10 if you have to), especially if you’re visiting Legoland® during the peak periods such as the school holidays. 2. Get the 2 Day Combo (Theme Park + Water Park + Sea Life) from Klook HERE, to maximise your time there. Sea Life is a good indoor place to visit if it rains suddenly. The multiple re-entries are essential if you want to have lunch at the Mall of Medini directly outside Legoland®. It also gives you the flexibility of returning to any of the three parks for extra rides if your kid wants to. 3. If you’re going during the peak periods, purchase the HERO Access Pass from Klook HERE, so that you can skip the queues and go for unlimited rides at the SEVEN most popular rides in the theme park. 4. Have your meals at Old Town White Coffee in the Mall of Medini if you prefer local food. It’s right at the end of the mall, and usually not very crowded as compared to The Chix Rice Shop. Service at Old Town was way better than The Chix Rice Shop, and the food was better too. 5. Many of the rides require the child to be at least 4 years old, so if your child is below 4, be prepared that he/she can’t do that many activities/rides. You can check the online map to see which rides your child can take. 6. Bring a stroller if your child is young, as there is a lot of walking to be done. You can park your stroller outside all the various stations, just make sure you don’t leave any valuables inside. 7. Some of the rides require covered footwear, so do wear covered shoes when visiting the theme park. You’ll need sandals or slippers for walking around the water park, as the floor can get quite hot on sunny days, but you’ll need to remove your footwear for the pools and rides. 8. If you’re going for the Dino Island ride, bring your own disposable ponchos. You can get them from Daiso/Guardian/Watsons or even the convenience stores at the Mall of Medini, as they’re cheaper than those sold in Legoland itself. Alternatively, go on the Dino Island ride just before you leave the park, so that you can change out of your clothes after that. 9. Pack enough towels for everyone if you’re going to the Legoland® Water Park, as it costs RM35 to rent ONE towel there. 10. Caps/hats, sunscreen, as well as plenty of water and snacks are important as there isn’t much shade within the park, and it can get quite hot on sunny days. Bring your own water-bottles into the park, as the bottled water there is more expensive.

*Disclaimer: This post was written in conjunction with Klook Singapore. All photos and opinions are, as always, our own. All that fun was definitely solely ours!

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