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Legoland® Malaysia Hotel

Our Legoland® Malaysia trip was absolutely perfect (you can read about our experience and tips HERE), and our stay at the Legoland® Malaysia Hotel definitely contributed to the awesomeness. (You’ll get it if you’re a LEGO® fan!)

We were bowled over by the huge play area at the hotel lobby, and the kids dove (literally) straight into the two pools of Lego® blocks. Like all the other kids in the lobby, they started building their own creations, and that ability to get kids to self-entertain is truly the beautiful of Lego®, isn’t it?

N started building a small birthday cake after I showed him the poster at the counter, and was reluctant to leave as he wanted to complete it, but we convinced him that Legoland® itself would be more interesting than the hotel lobby. Like DUH. He was disappointed that he didn’t win, but if you look at the photo of him with his creation, you’ll see some of the other submissions in the background. They’re really elaborate and large!

Check-in time is at 4pm, so the receptionist advised us to leave our luggage at the luggage storage room, and to return around 2pm to check if our room is available earlier. We had a tough time getting the kids to leave the lobby, because they were so busy building and exploring! Didi was excited when he spotted one of the Lego® mascots at the lobby, and I think that was when his obsession with the Lego® characters began. N and I really liked the wall covered with Lego® figurines at the reception, and spent some time exclaiming over our favourites.

After spending the morning at Legoland® and having our lunch, we decided to try asking if we could check into our hotel room around 1pm. The twins were really sleepy by then, and thankfully, they had our room ready.

When we entered the lift, the disco lights and music came on, and the kids perked up. “It’s party time!” they exclaimed, and danced away happily. (The novelty of the lift didn’t wear off at all during our stay, and the kids looked forward to taking the lift all the time!)

We were given a complimentary upgrade to the Premium Pirate Themed Room, and the kids were absolutely thrilled with all the unique LEGO® features in the room. They exclaimed over the large LEGO® spider in the toilet bowl, but quickly forgot their “fear” once they discovered the box of DUPLO® blocks.

N found the “treasure chest” and went around the room looking for clues to solve the puzzle. He was so pleased when I told him that he could bring the “treasure” inside home!

The toilet was small but functional, with a lower sink, which allowed the kids to wash their hands on their own. They also provided all the necessary toiletries, including smaller cups for the children to rinse their mouths with.

The kids really liked having their own “room”, which had a bunk bed, trundle bed, and a tv. We have a bunk bed at home too, so N was comfortable sleeping on the top bunk, while Didi took the bottom bunk, and Meimei had the trundle bed. They shifted the box of DUPLO® blocks to the corner next to the trundle bed, and we had a tough time getting them to sleep because they kept wanting to build more. Meimei started playing with the blocks once she woke up the next morning, and didn’t want to go for breakfast.

Breakfast was at the Bricks Family Restaurant, and we were pleasantly surprised that the spread was pretty good. The kids ate well and didn’t have to be coaxed to eat more, which is a sure sign that they liked the food.

Outside the restaurant is yet another play area, filled with large, soft blocks. It’s perpetually crowded, but there are more than enough blocks for everyone to play with. N tried building a large house, while Didi spent his time lying around in the pit.

There was a discount at the hotel’s gift shop, so Meimei and I spent some time choosing LEGO® sets. We did the same thing at the theme park’s large gift shop just before we left Legoland®, and Didi was so exhausted that he fell asleep while seated in the stroller behind Meimei.

Staying at the Legoland® Malaysia Hotel definitely made our maiden visit to Legoland® extra memorable, and the kids are still talking about our Legoland® trip a few weeks after we visited. Didi has fallen in love with the LEGO® figures, and points out all the LEGO® figures and sets he sees wherever we go now.

Thanks for an awesome weekend, Legoland® Malaysia! See you again soon!

Disclaimer: This post was written in conjunction with Klook Singapore, and the hotel can be booked via this website. All photos and opinions are, as always, our own.

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