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Perth with Kids (Part 4: Ngilgi Cave, Canal Rocks, Country Life Farm, and Sugarloaf Rock)

C was really keen to visit one of the caves in Margaret River, and chose Ngilgi Cave. We bought our tickets for the semi-guided tour on the spot, and were in awe of how gorgeous the cave was. We marvelled at the remarkable stalactites etc, and couldn’t stop admiring everything we saw in there.

The guides shared the very interesting history of the cave, and gave us some pointers before letting us explore on our own. The amount of carbon dioxide in the cave increases the deeper we go, so we were advised to leave our jackets at the landing area.

The steps are rather steep and uneven, plus there are some areas where you have to crouch pretty low to get past, so we didn’t make it all the way to the bottom of the cave. There are railings along the paths and stairs, but we still had to carry the twins to go up and down some parts, as it was rather difficult for them to manage on their own.

Apart from the tricky stairs, the view was simply breathtaking. We couldn’t stop taking photos of everything we saw!

We also spent some time reading about how these structures were formed, and what else has been discovered in the cave.

There’s a small tunnel/slide for kids and smaller-sized adults to go through, and N had a lot of fun with that. The twins were too scared to go in on their own though.

After seeing the Ngilgi Cave, we stopped by Cape Lavender Tea House, for a mid-morning snack. The savoury scone was really good, and we enjoyed the lavender ice-cream as well. C and I tried two different lavender tea blends, which were both rather light and refreshing.

After our snack, we drove to Canal Rocks where we witnessed the strong Indian Ocean waves crashing against the granite rocks. The kids, in particular N, had a lot of fun climbing the numerous rocks, while we admired the scenery.

Spot C and N!

Lunch was at Dunsborough Chinese Restaurant, and the kids ate so well there that we decided to get our takeaway dinner from the same restaurant after all our activities that day.

After lunch, we brought the kids to Country Life Farm, which is probably more well-known for its indoor play areas. It’s run by an elderly couple, who were very kind and gave us plenty of tips on feeding the animals.

The kids love feeding animals, so they spent ages in the guinea pig and rabbit enclosure, before venturing outdoors to feed the alpacas, billy goats, and llama.

There were some row boats and pedal boats available, but we didn’t want to risk getting wet (plus I get seasick easily). Thankfully, the kids were more than happy to go on the bumper cars, before spending quite a bit of time in the indoor play area. The twins really liked the toddler play area though, and Didi even tried to bring one of the toys along with him when we were leaving. We entered the play area around 3pm and were the only visitors there, so C played in the ball pit with the kids too.

On our way back, we stopped by Sugarloaf Rock. The twins were fast asleep in the car by then, so C and I took turns to check out the view with N. It had been drizzling on and off the entire day, and strangely enough, it was sunny when C was on the viewing platform, but really cloudy when I went up, so we had rather different photos.

Even though we covered FOUR places on this day, it wasn’t that tiring, because there wasn’t much walking done. The places we visited were more for the adults, but thankfully, our kids didn’t complain that they were bored.

More on what we did at the Margaret River area coming up!

PS. Read about what we did in Perth in these posts: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Bonus post on the book we read before and after our trip HERE.

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