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Nursing Room Review: Tanglin Mall

Tanglin Mall houses a number of children’s enrichment centres as well as kid-centred shops, so I had pretty high expectations of the nursing room there. I wish there were more nursing rooms available there though, since the mall caters largely to parents with young children.

Tanglin Mall Nursing Room (Level 3)

The nursing room is located on the third level, next to the toilets. There is also a diaper changing station once you step into the area from the shops section, so if all you need to do is change your child’s diaper, you can choose to do it there, instead of using the Baby Care Room. Personally, though, I would rather go to the room for more privacy.

Diaper Changing Station

Baby Care Room

Facilities: 4/5

Inside the Baby Care Room, there are two separate nursing rooms which can be locked to give you privacy. Each room is equipped simply with an armchair, a chest of drawers and a power point.

Inside one of the nursing rooms

There is also a changing station large enough for two babies, with a bin conveniently placed in between the two sections. There was also a roll of toilet paper there that day but I’m not sure if it’s an every day occurrence.

Changing Station

Of course, there was the usual sink, soap dispenser and hand dryer, located near the hot water dispenser. Again, there was a roll of toilet paper on the counter that day.

Washing Area

Hot Water Dispenser

Cleanliness: 3.5/5

Although the Baby Care Room seems to be done up quite prettily with wallpaper, the room is clearly in need of some renovations. The walls could really do with a fresh coat of paint and the wallpaper was peeling off in some areas. The doors to both nursing rooms are chipped, while the furniture inside looks old and a tad grubby.


I must say that the room does seem more welcoming than the others I’ve visited before, but it’s appeal is affected by the stained walls and furniture. I hope the management will renovate the room soon and perhaps even add an extra Baby Care Room on another level.

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