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Little Partners Learning Tower

I’ve been eyeing the Little Partners Learning Tower

and the

for quite some time, but I’ve only ever seen them available on Amazon, so it was more of a dream to own either one. Then, on Tuesday, I saw the Learning Tower on sale in the Mothercare catalogue, and was quite excited to see that it came with a free easel too. 

C is away on a work trip, so I had to send him an email, asking if I could get it for Noah. Of course, I had to justify why I wanted it, because even after the hefty discount, it’s still not cheap, especially if it’s just “a glorified step stool” (C’s words, not mine).

These days, Noah is quite clingy, and wants to be carried, each time he sees me at the kitchen counter. I suspect he just wants to see what I’m doing, but I just am not comfortable letting him stand on a stool, because I feel it’s too unsteady for him. The Learning Tower is definitely much safer and sturdier, and I will feel more at ease with him in it while I cook or wash the dishes, as the risk of him falling off is significantly lower.

He still hasn’t figured out how to climb on and off properly by himself, and needs some help, but I’m pretty sure he will learn soon. He’s pretty risk adverse, as C puts it, and is very cautious when it comes to climbing on and off things. Learning how to get on and off the Learning Tower will help him to develop some confidence, in my opinion, especially when he still doesn’t even want to try climbing up the stairs at the playground.

My mum helped me to assemble the Learning Tower last night, and I assembled the easel myself after Noah fell asleep. When he woke up this morning, he begged to be carried while I got his breakfast ready, so I helped him to climb into the Learning Tower, and he seemed really pleased. In the end, I decided to let him have his breakfast at the kitchen counter instead.

Breakfast in the Learning Tower




Happy boy!


Playing with his water bottle, after finishing his food


Hanging out in the Learning Tower



The easel has both a chalkboard and a whiteboard, but I’ve chosen to use the magnetic whiteboard side first. I haven’t had time to let Noah play with it yet, but I’m sure he’ll have lots of fun doodling on it. It also comes with a large piece of cloth that can be draped over the top of the Learning Tower, so that it becomes a “secret corner” of sorts for the child, if he wants to sit inside to read or play quietly. You can also purchase additional curtains and use it as a puppet theatre (according to this video I saw).

I have grand plans to start cooking and baking with Noah soon, so the Learning Tower will definitely come in very handy. Can’t wait to have him as my little helper in the kitchen!

If you’re keen to see what the differences between the Learning Tower and the Kitchen Helper are, you can check out this video:

PS. I got the Learning Tower and easel from Mothercare at $159. Do call before you head down, if you have a specific colour in mind, as stock is very limited.

PPS. This is not a sponsored post. I’m just sharing it here, because quite a few people asked me about it when I shared it on Dayre this morning.


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