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Ka-Chow! Guess Who Zoomed into Fox Kids & Baby?

If you recognised the first phrase in my title, chances are, you’ve got a little Disney Cars fan in your family, just like I do. (Either that or you really like the Disney Cars, in which case, erm, good for you.) Ever since C showed Noah the Cars movie some time back, he (Noah, not C) has been obsessed with Lightning McQueen and all his pals. We’ve watched the movie and its sequel tons of times, but Noah never seems to get tired of it.

Honestly, we sometimes suspect that Noah thinks he’s a car too, because he tells us to “start your engines” before he dashes off, and exclaims, “I win! Ka-chow!” when he arrives at his destination. He runs oddly too, in my opinion, but C thinks that Noah is running like a car weaving through traffic, or going around obstacles. Noah makes plenty of references to the Cars movies, talks about the characters as though they were real, and often carries at least one McQueen around with him everywhere, even when he’s sleeping.

Noah, his McQueens, and his McQueen jigsaw puzzle


I’ve been hunting high and low for nice McQueen tees, because Noah’s birthday is coming, and he gets to wear his own clothes to school on that day. It’s a no-brainer really, since he’s such a huge Disney Cars fan, but I didn’t realise how difficult it would be to find a good quality McQueen tee, until I started looking for it. I even resorted to asking my Dayre readers, in the hope that someone would be resourceful enough to provide me with some suggestions, but to no avail.

Last Saturday, when we went to Fox Kids & Baby for the Mother’s Day Block Printing Workshop, I casually mentioned my “problem” to them, and to my delight, they told me that they had a whole range of Disney Cars t-shirts! Problem solved!

Noah was absolutely thrilled when we showed him the t-shirts, and he picked out four designs for himself (since the promotion was 4 pieces for $45). He kept asking if he could try the tees, and I had a tough time convincing him to wait till we got home. (He later asked me if I bought him the Sheriff toy car as well, but that’s a different story.)

Check out the Disney Cars range!




Some of the other great deals available




What we got in the end



Noah is loving his new clothes, and gladly modelled them for me. Which tee do you think he looks best in? 🙂







I don’t know what this car is called. Oops.


After seeing him in these, I’m going back to the store to get the other two designs. The quality is really good, and I love the “fake” double-layer look as well. Makes the top look just that bit nicer, doesn’t it? If your sons are huge Disney Cars fans like Noah, do visit your nearest Fox Kids & Baby store as soon as possible, as stocks are moving really fast, and I think some outlets are out of a few sizes already. Click here for the Fox Kids & Baby store locations.

*Disclaimer: We were invited to the Mother’s Day Block Printing Workshop, and blessed with the clothes modelled by Noah in this post. No monetary compensation was received. All photos and opinions are, as always, our own.


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