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Fun Activities for Kids in KL

We just got back from a 6D5N trip to KL, and despite C having to work on three of the six days we spent in KL, we managed to visit quite a few interesting places. With three active kids in tow, we chose to keep things simple, and did only one main activity each day.

We arrived in KL on Thursday afternoon, and after checking in, we headed to the KL Bird Park since the weather was pretty good. As it was a last-minute decision, I couldn’t buy our tickets from Klook, which would have been cheaper, AND included a one-way transfer. Darn.


The KL Bird Park is outdoors, so do check the weather forecast before you go. Thankfully, despite the overcast sky, it only started drizzling just before we left the Bird Park, and we got to walk around the entire park in relatively cool weather. There were quite a few different species of birds to see, and I liked looking at the display boards to learn about them, and to see how many we could actually spot.

Map of the KL Bird Park

Daily Activities

Information Boards

Fun Facts

Spot the Emus, KL Tower and Petronas Towers

The kids were really excited to see the many peacocks roaming around freely, and despite having to walk quite a bit, they didn’t complain because they got to see so many birds up-close.


Different types of Owls

So lovely to see the different types of birds together

Plenty of flamingos

Black swan

There were also two educational sections where we could see the incubators and newly-hatched chicks, as well as learn more about chicken embryo development and the different types of birds.

Bird School & Education Station

The playground was a tad old, but the kids were very happy to run around and play there, especially since there were no other kids at the park by that time.


KL Bird Park is great if you like the outdoors, and don’t mind walking alongside birds which may decide to swoop away suddenly and dangerously close to your head. It took us about 2 hours to cover the entire park, but that was also because we took our time to admire the birds and spent about 15 minutes at the playground.

KL BIRD PARK 920, Jalan Cenderawasih, Perdana Botanical Gardens, 50480 Kuala Lumpur 9am to 6pm daily (Last admission at 5pm)


I brought the kids to Petrosains Discovery Centre on Friday, and we spent about 2.5 hours there. Tickets cannot be purchased online, so you should plan to get there at 930am to get the tickets, as the only way into the Petrosains Discovery Centre is via the Dark Ride. It’s basically a “capsule” that seats five at a time, and we waited for about half an hour before we were able to board one of the capsules when we arrived at 10+am.

Queuing for the Dark Ride

In the “capsule”

There was a Science show while we were there, but none of my kids were interested in it, and preferred to walk around playing with the various exhibits.

Fun at Petrosains

Science Show

Where did KorKor go?

Dancing twins

Petrosains Discovery Centre has many hands-on activities for children to explore, although I think it’s best suited for children aged 5 and above. N didn’t meet the height requirement (1.4m if I’m not wrong) for quite a few activities, and he was rather disappointed about that. It can also get a bit chilly inside, so do bring a jacket for the kids.

PETROSAINS DISCOVERY CENTRE Level 4, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur Tue-Fri: 930am to 530pm (Last admission at 4pm) Sat, Sun & Public Holidays: 930am to 630pm (Last admission at 5pm) Closed on Mondays


We visited Farm in the City on Sunday, and it was a hit with our kids. It’s a bit out of the way, but our Grab driver had no trouble finding it.

Farm in the City

We bought some food to feed the animals, but didn’t realise that there were also boxes of food for the raccoons in the bag given to us at the counter. There were many different types of animals to see and feed, and the kids were very busy trying to feed all the animals which we came across. They were a bit traumatised by the goats in one of the enclosures, because the goats were rather persistent and kept following them around to get fed. On the other hand, the rabbits and guinea pigs in another area were probably overfed, because they weren’t interested in the food at all, and the kids gave up trying to feed them after a while.

Some of the animals we saw

Giant tortoises

Learning Area


Feeding animals

Scary goats

Rabbits and guinea pigs area

Spot the two iguanas

Totally oblivious that there was a bird behind her

The highlight of our visit was the interactive area, where we could hold and touch the pythons and lizards. Didi freaked out and was desperately trying to get away from the table, while Meimei kept touching the lizards, and even held one with C’s help. All three kids liked the raccoon, and got to stroke its soft fur while the staff held it.

C carrying a python

N and Meimei loved the lizards

Didi freaking out

Fascinated by the raccoon

Farm in the City wasn’t very big, and we were able to cover it in less than two hours, though I think you can easily spend more than two hours there if you take your time to feed the animals there. It’s definitely worth visiting if your kids love animals!

FARM IN THE CITY Lot 40187-40188, Jalan Prima Tropika Barat, Bandar Putra Permai, Seri Kembangan Weekdays: 10am to 6pm Weekends, School and Public Holidays: 930am to 6pm Closed on Tuesdays


Aquaria KLCC is rather small, and similar to the Jakarta Aquarium. The kids generally like fish, so they were quite happy to walk around and look at the different types of fish there.

Looking at the fish

Four “otters”

I was appalled that there weren’t any sinks available to wash our hands after sticking them into the touch pools (only towels and a hand dryer were provided), and frantically wiped the kids’ hands and arms with wet wipes after that.

Touch pool (and the towels provided)

We really liked the tunnel, where we could see various sea creatures such as manta rays, large turtles, and sharks. We happened to be there when it was feeding time, and it was such a treat to see the large turtle eating lettuce and squid from the diver’s hand.


Manta ray


Feeding time

Giant grouper, manta ray, turtle, and many different fishes at feeding time

Spot the scary-looking dragon moral eel

The Aquaria KLCC is a good place to visit if you’re looking for an indoor activity, and should take about two hours to cover if you walk at a really leisurely pace.

Aquaria KLCC Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Complex, Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 10am to 8pm daily (Last admission at 7pm)


I think our kids really enjoyed these four attractions that we visited, and I’m glad we had time to check all these places out during our stay in KL. It’s not very easy traveling with young children as they still need to take their naps, so we felt it was best not to be too ambitious, and cover only one attraction a day. Do share your favourite kid-friendly attractions in KL with us if they’re not in this list!

PS. I’ve included the links to the Klook pages for the attractions listed above, so please click on them to get to the links directly. Klook’s prices are lower than those offered at the venues and their websites, but do note that these are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase the tickets using those links, I get a small commission, but at absolutely no cost to you at all.

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